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    2003 E450 Red Cross ERV 7.3 with 76k and no idle hrs

    Another one in Houston
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    2003 E450 Red Cross ERV 7.3 with 76k and no idle hrs

    Here is another one for sale in SC. 77k miles and they are asking $20k.
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    E350 10ft Box Van

    Cool rig! Thanks for sharing the build out with us and providing some inspiration. Originally saw this featured on the Ujoint's Youtube page which has, so far, resulted in hours of searching for a comparable box truck to see if it's worth considering (from a cost perspective) over a traditional...
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    Ford Transit Cab Chassis with Composite Camper

    Tell me more about this awning. What secures it to the camper? Who makes and sells it?
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    2020 Northstar Liberty - Expedition Truck Camper Build!

    Wow. Not surprised through, that electrical system upgrade had to have been $$$. I just priced up a similar solar setup but with only two panels and it came up to about $5,500. Ouch. Unfortunately if I want to upgrade from the standard AGM batteries in order to unplug for more than a single...
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    ToyoAce G25 Tri Cab Dually Diesel with Liftgate

    near Richmond, VA for $28k
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    1996 STEWART & STEVENSON M1079 LMTV 4X4, $145,000

    Not mine, no affiliation. Everything below is copied from the listing. LMTV 1079 Mileage 23,300.. Clean Connecticut Title and currently registered in Connecticut. Excellent mechanical...
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    2020 Northstar Liberty - Expedition Truck Camper Build!

    Really appreciate the detail you put into the write ups and videos. I'm also looking at a NS Liberty and trying to decide how important AC is to me. I'm on the East Coast of US where the summers are hot and humid and I'm thinking the ability to cool and dehumidify the space for sleeping could...
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    1997 Airstream B190 4x4 for sale

    Sleeps two? Bed dimensions?
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    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    Great build thread and amazing attention to detail! I read 19 pages and I don't even have a van...
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    Washington DC, free pop-up camper top, might fit M101A1 trailer?

    No mine, no affiliation. A NSN search didn't give a whole lot of info but it looks like it's the right size for an M101A1
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    Sprinter Conversion Company Choices

    In Portland Oregon you can find ZenVanz Bryan and Jen are long-time EXPO members. They've recently expanded their business into van conversions. Check out their blog for a look at how they designed their own van.
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    Opinions on methods to carry 4 bikes on a 4Runner?

    One more thought, the price of racks can easily exceed the cost of some the bikes they are meant to transport. If you are going somewhere developed it might be more fiscally responsible to try and rent bikes for a few days at your destination.
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    Opinions on methods to carry 4 bikes on a 4Runner?

    I have a couple Yakima FrontLoader racks on the top of my Subaru Outback and I really regret going with a roof mount setup. There is nothing easy about trying to balance a 30lb bike upright by one hand held on to the bottom bracket while attempting to manipulate straps and lock bars with the...
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    :rolleyes: Grant, consider following (or retracting) the feedback you posted earlier in this thread.!?p=1995421#post1995421
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    Not mine but I thought the pictures of the Subaru's built by LP Adventure in Quebec would be appreciated here.
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    Does it Exist? Newer AWD Tall-Wagon Van Thing You can Sleep In

    That's a tall order. A Volkswagen Vanagon or Doka with a Subaru motor swap might check all those boxes but are demanding a crazy high resale value right now. New: MB Sprinter is available in 4x4 but the price is steep ($50K+) Used: Chevy Express was...