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    Roof top frame install question

    So I built my trailer and wondering how or if there’s a specific location to adhere the frame to the trailer itself? Does it really matter. I was planning on placing it in the middle of the trailer but now I wondering if it matters centered or more towards the front. My question is more of...
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    Foxwing...custom mount

    Since they really dont sell a mount for it, any ideas for those that have made one or thought of doing it? My RTT frame is set with 1 3/4” DOM tubing and I have to either use a 15” section of the same DOM tubing welded to a piece of flat stock. OR. I use 2x2 square tubing and do the same idea...
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    Grounding question on my trailer large amount of flex

    Ok where is the best place to attach the ground for electric brakes. I was going to just use the frame to attach the grounding wire to tthe brake wire but I started thinking about my poly bushings and how I didn’t want a grounding issue since what Ive been told is the biggest critical failure...
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    Wiring questions. Lots of questions

    I’m a little confused and looking for help. I am placing a 7pin wiring harness to my trailer. So I went to etrailer bought their 4 wire setup and the additional wires. I also went in their diagrams and it clearly states that electric brakes should have a minimum of 10-12 g wire and so should...
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    RTT trailer frame with cover opinion

    Looking for opinions on my trailer. I am planning on placing the Mt Shasta CVT on my trailer that I am finishing up on and have been going back and forth on whether I place a cover on the trailer or not. Today, I contacted a roller back bed cover company local to me and whether or not they can...
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    tent trailer vertical posts location question

    Looking at installing my tent support/vertical posts on the trailer now and wanted to know if there was a calculation or concern as to where to distribute the weight. If the trailer is suppose to be a 60% forward, do you do the same for the 300#'s that I'm dealing with for the tent and frame...
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    making fenders help needed

    Has anyone made their own fenders? I trying to do a three sided fender for my trailer and am using angle iron on the inner side attached to the bed but I can't figure out how to make and attach the outer side to make it line up with the other side. Looking for help...Thanks
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    Anybody place electric break controller on their jeep

    I'm in the process of building my trailer and am going with electric breaks. Has anybody come up with a better way to tie it in to our rigs? I saw trailer and the reviews are not well received since it's spliced together and not a whole kit. I'm using the Tekonsha p2 controller btw.
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    Got the bug and building an m416 big brother

    Older generator frame overall length 11'6"x 6'7" at the wheels frame measures 7'6" x 5'. My goal is to make this trailer ready to go by August '17, but hopefully it will be done earlier. I'll get pics when I pick it up. I know that I'm placing 3500lb axle with electric brakes on it, max...