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  1. waveslider

    4X4 Fire Truck - Imagine the possibilities.....

    Not mine, just saw this on Craigslist and thought how cool a project would be to convert it.
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    Interesting Custom Build Video

    I hadn't seen this posted anywhere yet, If it's a duplicate let me know and I'll take it down/point to the original. Its fun watching the build process on all sorts of trucks.
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    Idaho Tackling a Tough Land Use Issue

    This is certainly a serious issue in at least Idaho and DEFINITELY Colorado. The cynic in me wonders when Idaho's largest landowners (Simplot, Holding Family, Timber Companies) decide this little rebellion of the peasants has gotten out of hand and start greasing palms to keep it from...
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    As someone who is 6 feet 8 inches tall and 260 lbs with a seriously unkempt beard in the winter........this is disconcerting. Tremendously. Montana man told police a hunter ‘mistook him for Bigfoot’ and shot at him, cops say A Montana man was out target shooting when he became a target...
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    Full Size Expedition Vehicle Recovery Gear

    I'm curious if anyone is willing to share their lists -and probably more importantly the actual manufacturer model numbers - of the recovery gear for their full-size exped vehicles. Since our new truck is going to weigh considerably more than the SMB we used to have we are going to have to...
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    ZLok - The zip tie with attitude

    I figured this was the best forum to post this in since I can't be the only person who has searched endlessly for ways to secure various bits and baubles on my ride. This ZLok thing is a lockable, steel core zip-tie that seems absolutely perfect for securing small items such as a bike...
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    Hydronic vs. Non-Hydronic Heating. (Air & Water)

    The question: Given the realities that most modern diesels are light years better than vintage trucks in regards to cold-temp starting and running, I'm wondering if anyone has specific advantages or disadvantages of hydronic vs non-hydronic type systems? We are currently faced with a decision...
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    SOLD -2006 E350 Sportsmobile EB-50 Penthouse Top 4x4 Diesel Van

    SOLD Also posted here. I would prefer to just go through the contact process on CL but happy to respond to Private Messages also here (but I don't log in that often): 2006 Ford E350 Diesel 6.0 SMB EB-50 layout...