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  1. Chorky

    Tie down / mounting thoughts

    Since this seems the best location for this question... In terms of general camper tie downs - they always seem to be outside the camper, going to usually the frame/bumper, possibly a truck bed, or maybe pocket die downs. Either way they always seem to connect to the outside corners of a...
  2. Chorky

    The new 7.3 - how is it

    Just exploring for some info. Wondering what folks think of the 7.3. Curious how it has performed, what sort of mileage you are seeing (please specify loaded or not, highway/city, hills or flat, since this country is vast), reliability, etc... Thanks :-) Just looking at some other options...
  3. Chorky

    OBA mounting locations

    Looking at purchasing this in the next few months 485C Gen.2 Dual OBA | VIAIR Corporation Curious to hear about mounting locations pro/con list that some have experineced. I know most jeep buys put their ARB's under the hood, and most truck guys probably just put it along the frame. I am...
  4. Chorky

    2021 F150 vs F250

    Looking at some specs today.... F150 extended cab 4x4 8' bed w/3.5 eco - 2,740 lbs max payload F250 same size w/7.3 - 3,460 max payload For comparison Ram 2500 - 3,040 max payload. Aside from being a tad physically larger, and the 720 pound payload difference, any major differences between...
  5. Chorky

    Paint or other coating options

    So I have 2 vehicles that are needing paint at some point soon in order to protect and prevent body rust. There are some paint chips from normal use, and areas have started surface rust. Spots are relatively small currently, but the rest of the paint for both vehicles are rather old and need...
  6. Chorky

    full size frame twist and implications to campers

    Specifically speaking to Alaskan campers for those who have them, but applies to any camper. Full sized trucks (older with C channel frames - like my '97 OBS for example) have pretty significant frame twist, causing beds to really move even if only going over a speed bump. Naturally this...
  7. Chorky

    GMRS antenna on smaller vehicles

    I am wondering on smaller vehicles like a Jeep, where good locations might be for GMRS antennas. I currently have a 102 whip on the right rear corner via a ball mount (swr is way off so it needs some better grounding). When working, it worked quite well and I was pleased by the range, being CB...
  8. Chorky

    Aftermarket GPS Head unit - Insane Audio TJ1002

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Good or bad? Insane Audio TJ1002 aftermarket head unit. Insane Audio TJ1002 Head Unit for 03-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ | Quadratec I once purchased the factory GPS radio, and sold it before even installing after realizing it was not supported and required the CD...
  9. Chorky

    weights - general items

    I'm wondering if anyone has some general 'total' weights of a variety of standard camping type gear that I can use as a base instead of trying to find a way to weigh all my own items (and guess things I dont have). This really is just general items, and maybe a couple of simple specialty...
  10. Chorky

    1997 F350 CCLB 7.3L

    1997 F350 7.3l CCLB Approx. 245,000 miles 2nd owner – well cared for I have taken well care for this truck as it has been my livelihood the last 5 years. I am its second owner. Never abused, and only put on 40,000 miles since ownership. At 24 years old it does have some blemishes as would be...
  11. Chorky

    Ranger - pros/cons considering maintenance/reliability

    So recently I had considered parting with my current truck for a Ram 1500 diesel for something more modern, more comfortable, more in line with my needs and desires. However, after digging into things like a full cost analysis (pretty insane actually), reviews of actual owners, considering...
  12. Chorky

    Help me decide

    Someone intervene before I make a mistake :unsure:🤣 Lots of pro's and con's on all accounts, See my sig for my current full size rig (which is the one in question).
  13. Chorky

    Key off power draw - '06 TJ

    Anyone happen to know if the TJ's have a significant key off power draw or a well known culprit? Last week my Jeep wouldn't start, still had enough to 'click' the starter. Left for a business trip. Now the battery is down to 3.5 v. Seems like a significant drain in a short amount of time...
  14. Chorky

    Diesel #1, #2, 50/50, and additives

    Ok lets talk fuel - diesel specifically. Last winter, in Montana of all places, I have realized several stations still use #2 even in dead of winter - which is a nono for older trucks especially. Further, many attendants didn't know what fuel they had, or if they had additives. The stickers...
  15. Chorky

    Getting myself into the weeds - help me simplify wiring

    Ok so I have a series of planned events that I previously had a wiring diagram drawn out for but since have realized it was probably overly complicated... The overall plan was for the below items to be functional off a second set of batteries the same as the vehicle batteries ('97 OBS 7.3)...
  16. Chorky

    Desires vs realities

    Ok, so getting closer to pulling the trigger on proceeding with my original, or somewhat original, build idea. Long story short: 97 OBS 7.3 CCLB - desire to add flatbed/boxes and camper of some sort (liking the Scout Kenai so far), capable of full time living, planned to be multipurpose...
  17. Chorky

    hydronic heat - gasoline version

    Anyone use the gas version of the coolant heaters from wabesto (or others)? Considering putting one in my Jeep. I know many use them for full size in the diesel version, but curious if anyone has experience with the gas versions. Looking for ideas to help heat up the Jeep in the winter cold...
  18. Chorky

    6.8 Triton experiences

    Looking to see if anyone has any suggestions on this engine. It's in a 04 chinook that I am looking at. I'm unfamiliar with this engine - wish it was a diesel instead but that can change later. Any major issues with these??
  19. Chorky

    custom campers

    Aside from locating and rebuilding an old camper - if the right one could be found, does anyone have suggestions for any companies that actually hold true to making custom campers, not at the earth roamer cost? Nothing crazy. Thus far, the only company I have found that is actually willing...
  20. Chorky

    OBS ford with '08-'16 rear springs

    Just saw this. New product? Currently have RSK with rear shackle flip and SD springs on a 4" lift. But certainly not the 8" longer rear springs. ANyone with experiences? Considering this in the future, along with a reduction in height to a 2", and 33's instead of 35's if it makes the ride...