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  1. MJCake1

    Hi from 4WDaus

    Thanks Steve!
  2. MJCake1

    Hi from 4WDaus

    Cool, thx for sharing. Do you guys have a YT video channel we can peruse? Nice website also.
  3. MJCake1

    Looking to buy an 2015 FG72s

    12-18mpg depending on full tanks, uphill/downhill. Truck (ATW) is about 16k lbs. fully loaded.
  4. MJCake1

    Looking to buy an 2015 FG72s

    I have a 2015 FG72S with about 50k on her. It has been reliable, no problems. The dealer has issued a recall for emissions which I have not done yet necause of my remote location and the distance to a dealer. The motor is not going to win any races so I would keep it light.
  5. MJCake1

    FG's in Action

    Excellent video Kerry. Thank you for sharing.
  6. MJCake1

    Tire Chains

    I recall, vaguely, that the clearance issue was with some component near the inside of the wheel.
  7. MJCake1

    FGB71 transfer case actuator light not lit

    I have a 2015 fg72s and the light was not coming on or engaging. For a second I would see a vacuum light on at times upon startup but went off quickly. I took it to a shop where they could put it on a lift to check easily. There is a small vacuum tube on the side of the transfer case that had a...
  8. MJCake1

    Online Parts

    I have had good luck with this site. https://brucknertruck.com/parts/
  9. MJCake1

    Raw water system

    Almost looks like my SAFH2O system minus another filter and uv light.
  10. MJCake1

    Full timing in a Fuso FG140

    We have been full time for 3 years and 5 months. Still haven't got out of the states, but we are developing a 40 acre ranch. Which is what we had been searching for for 2 1/2 years. Living the dream, living the journey! Enjoy yourselves!
  11. MJCake1

    Looking to buy a 4x4 Fuso FG

    I have an All Terrain Warrior 2015 Fuso FG4X4 with around 40k miles, Expedition ready and EXPENSIVE!
  12. MJCake1

    Tuning a fuso any experience with https://www.schaknat.de/

    I would like to have more power too, 2015 FGB72S.
  13. MJCake1

    Spare wheel winch/lift/crane -ideas, please?

    Take a look at Everlanders setup on YouTube might be useful to you. I have an ATW FGB72 with a winch attached to 2 spares on the back of the camper box. Tou probably have seen this setup.
  14. MJCake1

    Front lockers not engaging

    Yeah, I had an appointment today for 48k maintenance was going to have them check it but i can't get out on our icy ridge road so I had to cancel. I just got a recall notice also for an HC and Oil contamination prevention package. I'll have to take it a few hours away to an authorized service...
  15. MJCake1

    Front lockers not engaging

    Lately my FGB72S front lockers are not engaging. Any ideas what is going on. I had an outfit regrease the hubs while back, wonder3if they didn't use proper grease...