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    Portable wind power!

    http://windpax.com/products/the-breeze/ Just went ahead and pre-ordered 2 of these puppies. I was thinking of doing a more solar based power setup until I found this web site. With the weight of this unit, coupled with the fact that I live in a not-so-sunshiny area (Northwest Washington), this...
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    Pelican cases: Chuck your old laptop bag in the trash!

    So Like some people, I usually bring my laptop with me on any trip I go on. If I need to dump files from my camera, it sure comes in handy. Coupled with a battery pack and my solar panels, it makes for a fun night time editing session when the rest of the camp has gone to bed. If you are like...
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    International Scout 1964 80/800

    Has anyone in this forum, ever owned or just driven an international Scout 80/800? You know the car that the iconic Ford Bronco was inspired from. The specs are 4.4L V8, with a 3 speed manual transmission and 154 hp. The car looks like a tank, and I have always been interested in getting an old...
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    What's your dream rig?

    http://uncrate.com/stuff/toyota-tacoma-polar-expedition-truck/ I'm in love with these trucks, especially when they are decked out like this. Too much time ogling them makes me want to spend all the moneyz! What is your dream off road Toyota?
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    Upgrades Upgrades!!

    Ready to put a wide ratio five speed, new crank and new 13.5:1 390 big bore. Well the 390 isn't that new, just a refresh. With a remap of the FI I should be up around 50 - 54 HP I think, but I'm really looking for more torque not HP, not sure I'm even going to like it but it'll be fun to build...
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    What's your number one most useful cooking item?

    I'm interested to hear about people's number one item that they find themselves using in their camp kitchens. I received a Kelly Kettle a few years back for Christmas. It came with all the attachments for use as a stove, kettle, and a device to heat soup and such. The thing about it is that it...
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    Simple power upgrades for a Nissan?

    So I just picked up an 07 Xterra. I'm looking to up the power by at least 100hp, but I'm looking for simple upgrades that can help me get closer to the target range of 360-400hp. I'm leery about a turbo or supercharger due to the high cost and tuning they demand. So I'm looking for several...
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    Riding Trails in America/ Canada?

    I am planning a riding trip to meet my family at a Dude ranch, Triangle X in Wyoming, and I thought it would be great to turn this road trip into a riding trip. I have a dual sport Ducati and I am wanting to find some fun trails to ride while road tripping it from Bellingham, WA to Wyoming. Now...
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    Kayaking Through the San Juans

    Once you get to Washington, everything will fall in to place. There are programs that will take you out onto the water and kayak from island to island, camping out each night. These trips are beautiful, a workout, but completely worth it! If you have any questions, or if you would like any tips...
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    Entire Grill that fits inside a 13 inch Tube

    WHAT!?! I know you probably think that I am crazy, but seriously, this is the perfect grill for when you go backpacking. Here is the link... and you are welcome! http://www.coolthings.com/uco-grilliput-duo/ If anyone has any other interesting camping gear/ travel gear that is handy, please...
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    Supercross - 2014 to 2015

    With supercross season, I have two questions: 1) With Villipoto currently residing within Europe, who do you think is up next for the title this year? 2) Who has their bikes winter ready, and what have you done to get the bike ready, or what winter gear have you purchase to keep warm? Just a...
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    Curious About the Icon Setting on Toyota Tacoma?

    Hello, all wonderful people! Currently, I own a 2011 Toyota Tacoma with a regular cab, and it has four wheel drive. I have been loving my amazing truck, and it has become super handy since I live in the great Northwest. I purchased this icon stage 1 kit and I have been avoiding installing it as...
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    Bragging time: Suzuki V-Strom 650

    This has done a great job of being versatile at being an adventure bike. I love getting 60 miles to the gallon on the freeway (changed gearing), riding up to 13000 ft (up around Mt Baker), and dropping the tire pressure to 10 PSI and jumping on dirt roads which can take you anywhere. This bike...
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    Looking for reliable online gear stores!

    Hello, All lovely people! Tis the season of frigid cold weather, and the most dangerous time to ride, but well worth it. However I have decided it is time to upgrade my gear, but the issue is I just moved to Bellingham, Washington, and I no longer have a Eastbay Motorsport (Motorcycle store...
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    AmAzInG photos from Trail Riding!

    Let me see the amazing photos of odd things you have seen while trail riding! My Photos are from when we went trail riding through the Mohave Dessert in California and also through the Moab in Utah!
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    2015 Honda Africa Twin... Thought?

    So I have been shopping around to find a dual sport bike to take off roading, and trail riding around Golden Ear's near Maple Ridge in Canada. This article was recently released about the 2015 Honda Africa, and I thought I would ask your opinions of what you think. Would this be a sufficient...
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    Supercross - Villipoto

    Well, you most likely have heard that Villopoto will not be going for his fifth consecutive win, and instead will be moving to Europe. Personally I think this was a silly move on his part, but what are your thoughts?
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    Photo = Bragging rights

    Trying to inspire myself to go out riding, I need somewhere to go! Instead of just tell me about where to go, show me! Here is my photo on my ride up to Whistler, BC, Canada.
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    Backpacking in the UK

    So, usually I like to go backpacking the forest, where there are no people, with no one around to stress you out. Basically, to be one with nature and to take yourself away from the daily tasks that you have to perform. But I have decided to go outside of my comfort zone and this next summer...