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    first gen Toyota tacoma rear wheel bearing kits (two complete kits)

    I have 2 "toyota rear wheel bearing and seal kits" for sale. PART NUMBER "TAX-RBKU" new in sealed packages...
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    FS Norcold MRFT 630

    and I have an older Norcold MRFT-630 fridge. This will run off 12v or 120v. when the temps are above 100 it struggles a bit to keep things cold (it can do upper 40's low 50's when the outside temp is 100 or so) it will freeze the contents if you dont watch out when its in the 70-80's. Includes...
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    a few solar questions

    I just installed a new solar setup and have some questions about connecting it to the vehicle system, its currently self contained.. I used to have a dual battery system with no soar but had an isolator. The isolater is still in place but i was wondering if any harm could be done to the solar...
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    4x4 rental in Bolivia?

    anyone know if its possible to rent a 4x4 in bolivia for a reasonable rate and that is allowed to go out to the salt flats? I am looking to spend a few days out on the salt flats and i dont want to be a part of the tours that they run (i am mainly interested in sunrise and sunset photos and i...
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    just started a new photo/truck blog, Colorado trips and 2000 taco build.

    hello I have been taking photos of all the mods i have done to my truck over the years. I had the intention of doing something with it all and never really got around to it. Well I have made the first step. I just put up a new blog that currently consists of mostly photo posts (i will be...
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    running chains on the front tires

    does anyone know if i can run chains on the front wheels of a 2000 tacoma? I have about 2-2.5" of lift, icon extended coilovers and camburg upper arms. the tires are 33x10.5's i was planning on some RUD's but everything i have read says you shouldnt run chains on the front thanks t
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    rear locker light

    i have a 2000 tacoma and the rear locker light has been coming on by itself (but its faint.. less bright then when i click the switch) Its been happening when its in 4wd and if i shift out of 4 wheel or turn the truck off it goes away for a while then comes back on after a few hours. is there...
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    gopro mounted to the roof

    driving down onion creek in Utah. i think it would have been better if i did a few donuts at the top.. but oh well :)
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    iphone 3Gs 32gb phone for sale

    good condition iphone 3GS black 32GB for sale $225 shipped ground fedex (insured) Phone was previously jailbroken and has SHSH blobs for previous firmwares (can be downgraded) or jailbroken/unlocked as far as i know. has small scuffs on the back (cant feel them with your hand but they are...
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    canon lenses for sale

    I have 2 lenses that i am looking to sell both are in great condition and include the canon lens hoods (the hoods do not come with the lenses) both front and rear lens caps. canon 24mm 2.8 $270.00 shipped KEH link SOLD canon 85mm 1.8 $330.00 shipped KEH link I will post pics when i get...
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    Sealander amphibious trailer

    pretty funny boat/trailer. http://vimeo.com/28192670
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    trasharoo improvement/changes thread

    just want to start a thread on improvements to the trasharoo (if someone already started something like this then let me know and i will move over there) I have only had mine for about 3 months and probably only been used in back-country trips a total of 25 days. 1. on the straps that go on...
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    fusing a winch

    are people fusing the positive lead to the winch? I know that its a very smart thing to do but I have looked through the warn manual and the smittybilt manual and there is no mention of fusing the winch at all. mine caught fire after the solenoid shorted out and it pulled the cable in while i...
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    how to measure amp draw of a fridge

    my fridge is seemingly sucking down my group 31 die hard platinum battery in a real hurry these days and i am not sure if its the battery going bad (its not very old) or if its my ancient norcold fridge going out. is there any kind of product that i can use that can measure the draw from the...
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    gearing questions on v6 manual

    hello, sorry if this is a repeat thread, the only other similar setups that i have found have been people with automatics. i switched to 33" km2s a few weeks ago and have now gone on a few trips with them. I am pretty sure i need to re-gear at this point. I have to drop into 4th gear on any...
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    safari snorkel A pillar inserts

    does anyone know where i can get some of the A pillar inserts or something similar that will work? i just got a free snorkel (traded the snorkel and a fender for my fender :victory:) but the person i got it from cant get the inserts out without destroying them. does anyone have any photos of...
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    found some metal 5 liter nato cans

    perfect for holding an oil change or some antifreeze or a gallon of whatever you need to carry along and not have to worry about leaking container. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ItemDetail.aspx?sku=ZAA-075 pretty good price as well 12 bucks
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    new camping labs awning

    this thing is sweet clips are on the wrong side of the sidewalls but i knew that when buying it. going to take them off an sew them on the inside. i think i am going to take off the top clips and reinforce them and shorten them, there is a good size gap at the top. just set it up real fast...