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    Hi, I just saw this thread and it looks great. I am deaf, my daughter has Down syndrome. Both not physical disabilities in the sense that we don't use ramps, but I write a lot about disability in general on my blog (A Little Moxie), so I tend to look for access and try and keep it in the...
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    3 Kids, a Hearing Dog & Us: Headed South Part 2

    Hey everyone, I wrote pretty consistently when we were in Round 1, and then stopped when we started farming on the Lost Coast. Here's a post that is an update on the past 6 months - we are headed south again in a couple of days. I'm looking forward to reconnecting on this forum, especially with...
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    With a Little Moxie: 3 Kids, a Pug and some pretty huge dreams

    Hey everyone, I don't think we started a thread yet - but I'll try and keep it going - is there an RSS to add here, I wonder? To automatically update? Well, we are more than 2 months in. We left the San Francisco Bay Area on October 2 and headed north to say goodbye to family and take care of...
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    Garmin Nuvi vs Garmin App/OM App?

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for asking what seems to be a really basic question. I've been mulling over purchasing a garmin Nuvi (- around $100/amazon) or a garmin app for the iphone/ipad (- around $60) or simply the free OpenMaps on the iphone/ipad. I know there are better garmins...