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    *SOLD* M416 Trailer with Awning and Rack Salem Oregon

    I originally had this listed with the Roof Top Tent for sale. I had a family member decided they would love to try out the tent and they purchased that this last weekend. My wife and I are still on the fence if we can find a use for the trailer with our new idea(s) with camping with the growing...
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    SOLD - CVT MT. McKinley RTT with Annex Salem Oregon

    Hello, My wife and I are looking at getting something more family friendly. We currently have the trailer and tent up for sale but would consider selling the tent separate so we could get a large cabin style tent. What we have is the CVT MT Mckinely RTT with Annex that we have used several...
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    Custom M416 w/ MT. McKinley RTT in Salem Oregon

    Morning, After our 10 day hunting trip this year we have decided it is time to let go of our expedition trailer. Mainly this is due to an expanding family and my wife struggled getting up and down the ladder while pregnant. So after some discussion we have agreed to look for an pop up trailer...
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    CVT Mt Mckinley with Annex located in Utah

    Hello, My wife and are looking at possibly selling our Mt McKinley (Now sold as the Denali Extended Pioneer). We have only used it twice and the previous owner used it a handful of times they said. The anex has only been used once during our long trip last year. The tent has always been aired...
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    Frogprince M416 Expedition Build

    Afternoon, I jut picked this up from a fellow member on here. This trailer has been the feature of a few different build threads on the Portal. Time for another one with the modification that i want to do to it. Tomorrow I will start working on the platform for the ten and repairing of some...
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    1994 Kwik Kamp Bel-Air

    I purchased this last year to pull behind my Harley and use to for Rallies and longer runs. We took it to Sturgis for the 75th and it was a great upgrade from sleeping in a tent. Just if we are going to keep the Motorcycle trailer we would like to have a Bunk House with a little more room. We...