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    Adrenalin Camper

    Facebook: Adrenalin Campers; plus there are several U Tube vids under that name, if you are really interested I will take actual photos, trailer is in storage in a heated building.
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    Adrenalin Camper

    Northern Indiana
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    Tent Bed Options for Sleeping Together

    Also use the Mega Mat singles webbed together to make a queen. Since my wife hates the confines of a sleeping bag, we use queen sheet set and a thick king size Hudson Bay wool blanket. Note we winter camp in Nordic teepees with wood stoves.
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    Camping Tents

    Seek Outside teepee style, extremely easy and fast to set up and take down, extremely strong, light, and has various options including use with a collapsible titanium wood stove
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    Sno Peak collapsible table, recommend sealing the wood table before using as several reviews had delamination from moisture, I sealed mine with several coats of spray epoxy and this has worked well for several years now, it’s the right height, compact as it gets, and easy to set up.
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    Tent heating ideas for winter camping?

    CO is one thing, but the moisture released by any propane based heating system, in combination with the up to 1 quart of moisture per person released by breatining overnight is just as hazardous. Twenty five or more years ago four novice campers were discovered frozen in the Marvine Valley of...
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    M900 series Expedition Vehicle

    You are aware that military surplus vehicles will not be legal on US roads after 2020 due to lack of emission controls
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    Hoping These Military ATV Rigs Will Start to Show Up In The Surplus Marketplace

    Too bad the last round of EPA regulations make all surplus military vehicles unlawful for highway use after 2020
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    Adrenalin Camper

    Rare Australian design aluminum off road tent camper, Australian heavy canvas that does not flap in the wind, galley drawer, fresh water tank, adjustable air bags. Used nine days and stored inside, $12k firm
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    Roof Top Tent Advice

    Shell of teepee is heavy canvas that breathes and sheds snow but does not flap
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    Roof Top Tent Advice

    I had a CVT mounted on a camp trailer, sold it after one week of use. Couldn’t stand the flapping and climbing up and down, could not get comfortable in bad weather even with the annex. CVT was well built and set up easily, I had no trouble selling it. Went to a Nordic style teepee that sets up...
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    WTB Roof Top Tent

    CVT Mt Rainer, including annex and floor, anti condensation mat, used 7 times, no damage, in Indiana, less than 1 yr old, was mounted on a trailer
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    WTB: Large RTT in NE

    used 7 times, new last year, complete with condensation mat, in Indiana. Was mounted on a trailer.
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    WTB: Large RTT in NE

    I have a CVT Rainer with annex
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    Did you find a buyer for the Landy yet?

    Did you find a buyer for the Landy yet?