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    Mobius battery based power pack

    I'm going to need a battery for a trip coming up. I'll be out for about 2 weeks, with a long drive every ~3 days. Power will be available at each campground, but not at each site. I'm planning on using Mobius battery packs. Primary demands will be one laptop for ~4 hours a day. I don't know...
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    GMRS Walkie talkies, next step up

    My family has enjoyed having zastone x6 walkie talkies for a couple of years. Great for camping, and I'm comfortable sending the 9 year old around the block with it. We've practiced a bit of etiquette (don't just mash the button and yell at each other) and a bit of safety (the 6 year old turned...
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    Show me your lift gate/hatch accessories

    Looking at all you GX guys with your side opening rear doors and your tables, I'm incredibly jealous with my suburban (and not the cool barn door one, then I could have had TWO tables!) So, Suburbans, Tahoes, Armadas, anyone else with a lift gate, show me what you're keeping back there! I'm...
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    2013 Suburban Z71

    Hello Forum I've been browsing and asking a few little questions here and there, trying to pretend my wife's FWD escape was overland so I could come play, and getting out and going camping as much as Houston weather and kids in school would allow. I have a thread here on my trailer, which has...
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    Plastic trim caps/inserts

    Not even quite sure if this is the place to post, but... I'm thinking about drilling holes for some small lights in the hatch of my suburban (thread to be started tomorrow, I've had it 6 hours and ready to cut in to it...) I would like to be able to hide those holes down the road when it comes...
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    Mattress pad storage

    I have a couple foam mattress pads that make our cots much more comfortable. Started with a very soft one for my wife, then I got a firm egg crate, and my dad got a firm solid mattress. The soft one fits in a pillow case with a bit of sitting on it, but the firm ones are currently just getting...
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    Not so overland camping trailer

    Hello Forum Part introduction, part trailer build. I've been lurking for a while, getting ideas for my regular car camping adventures, tightening up my packing list, getting my gear more organized for easier prep. I've replied to a few threads, including the home made roof bars I made for...