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    Christmas Came Early!

    My 1998 has been out of state with me several times. Only once has it tried to leave me stranded. It rubbed the power steering lines together and wore a hole thru one. Shop just bypassed the long part of the hose that was damaged to get me home. I agree you stole this truck.
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    Need new tires

    I am running the Milestar Patagonia and they have been great. Minimal road noise on my K2500 Suburban, good load rating and great traction.
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    GMT400 Suburban as Base Overland Rigs?

    I run a 1998 K2500 Suburban here in the PNW and I don't see a point of a lift. Reason I went with a Burb over the truck was they are easier to find, and when you do they are normally cheaper for some reason. I plan to use it for some hunts where I will just camp out in the back and it will...
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    Suburban vs suburban

    My 1998 would be the same. It is a 454 Vortec. Mine is leaking from the Valve cover gaskets for oil (common), the other common leak is the oil cooler lines seep at the connections between the rubber and metal transitions. I paid 3k for mine last year with 200k mile on the clock. So if the...
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    Suburban vs suburban

    If you go with a GMT 400 there are a few things I can say about the maintenance on mine. Shaking Fuel Gauge - Was told by several people this is caused by a bad sending unit and it is time to replace the pump. I have done this twice and it still shakes. More looking into it is the stepper...
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    Suburban vs suburban

    I run a 98 K2500 with a 454 with the 410 gears and average 14mpg on the freeway and 11mpg for anything else. I paid 3k for mine a year ago in the Portland area and it needed some work. Mainly AC, Fuel Pump and maintenance and minor odds and ends. It has been a very reliable truck and it...
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    1999 GMT 400 Suburban build anyone else building the same?

    I run a K2500 GMT 400 Suburban. Picked it up last fall and have had some fun with it and some headaches. After I purchased it needed a header on the passenger side (driver is going to be done here shortly), the Smog Pump grumbles and needs a valve and tube on the passenger side, and the AC...
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    Roof Top Tent Advice

    I have had two. I had a cheaper one and then upgraded to the largest CVT. I ended up selling them both off and went back to tent camping. Pros: Quick Setup, Stable, and in the case of the CVT very well made. The last year we used the CVT it was setup and a wind storm came thru and...
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    1986 GMC S-15

    I love the experiences part of the thread. Building a rig is one thing but getting to enjoy and use it is another. I miss hunting for Grouse. Moved to Oregon and haven't been able to locate a good pool of them. So out of practice with a shotgun missed the only one I have seen so far this...
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    Towing MPG- Gas Trucks

    For hunting this year we took the 454 Suburban out to Colorado and back. Averaged unloaded about 13mpg and loaded around 11mpg with the trailer. There was one stretch we got 9.8mpg
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    I picked up a Ryobi hedger a few years back, then they had clearance models of the trimmer... A guy locally purchased a pallet of Ryobi tools at auction it was a no brainier. That is why I have all Ryobi. The hedger has been great and the trimmer and tiller do therebligt duty.
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    I have a 40v Lithium. It worked well. I took 3 batteries and never got thru the first one. Though mainly because on day one I get all my wood together in the afternoon and not big into bonfires. I had an invertor and charger in case but never ended up needing it.
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    Going on first 10-day "expedition", need help choosing what stuff to bring

    My old go to for cooking was a grate from an old grill ( can buy at Home Depot). Though now I have a biolite and it has taken over that duty. I don't have to make a fire ring or pit. Just fold out some legs and off it goes. My daily carry in the adventure rig is; Jumper Cables Tow Strap Tool...
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    Just got back from our trip. I took the Ryobi and 3 batteries up to the hunt camp. Used it on day one and cut down 3 small/medium trees and that was more then enough wood for the week. Didn't go thru the battery nor did I need the spares. To me it was a time saver and worked well. Granted I...
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    The Land Yacht 2006 dodge megacab cummins

    I went from a ground tent, to a RTT and then back to a ground tent. RTTs are nice when it comes to ease of use. You can basically pull up and within a few minutes have a camp setup and be enjoying a beer. Though that is where I think the benefits end. At first we had a smaller one attached...
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    Retirement truck

    I have been trying to convince my parents that when my father retires it is time to travel. They have a truck, and a nice trailer. Told them they should by some land somewhere, and put up a nice pad for that RV. Gives them a winter spot or base camp to come back to. The rest of the time just...
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    The $264 1991 F250. Talk some sense into me

    I am debating about taking my 99 Suburban on its longest journey. No where near the price point of your car but I would suggest (not a bad thing, daily driver a cheap clunker because they are great); Oil Change at a Mechanic you trust. Ask them to give it a quick once over (normally no charge)...
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    Jeep plunges 450 feet off Colorado mountainside

    Don't blame you. It is a beautiful spot. There are some other roads that are no where near as bad. It does take some getting used to drive on the old mine roads. Most of them where built for a ox and cart. Jeeps are small enough that there is more than enough room. Sorry I was always told...
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    Jeep plunges 450 feet off Colorado mountainside

    One of my favorite roads out there was the Red Arrow Mine. It heads up in the mountains outside of Mancos and ends in a bowl at tree line. There is an old mine and if you hike up to upper lake there was an old Elevator pulley system. The road isn't for people who are nervous of a shelf road...
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    Camp bed time, what’s your set up

    Being 6'9" and over 300lbs it was tough to find a something that would work. RTTs where nice but to much hassle with going up and down the ladder at night for my wife and space was cramped at best. We purchased a tent and are using Teton XXL Cots with their pad, and bags. Rated for up to...