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  1. zoomad75

    K5 Blazer with Hallmark Camper.

    They just don't come any cleaner than this. 1990 K5 Blazer with a Hallmark camper. Slightly larger than a FWC Blazer camper in the overcab area and it sticks out past the tailights slightly. But since the '90 has factory TBI fuel injection and a bulletproof SM465 manual transmission it's got...
  2. zoomad75

    K5 Camper. My offroad home away from home.

    This isn't a build thread. In as much as another way to track what's been done as I go along. From work to upgrade to being out in the wild with it. I've got a full blow by blow build over on CK5.com if you want to go down that rabbit hole, but I'll start out with the 50,000-foot overview...
  3. zoomad75

    Early Four Wheel Pop-up Blazer camper

    This isn't my ad, but I have been contacted by the seller asking questions about what he has. These campers are pretty rare to start with and by comparison to many I've tracked in looking for mine is a pretty early example of the Blazer camper. It has the small latches on the roof, diamond...