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  1. moderndaynorseman

    On board air VS Portable compressor VS Powertank/CO2

    Hey guys! Looking for advice on a good starter air up system. I've looked at cheap compressors from Viair and Smittybilt, to Viair's on board air systems, to Powertank's CO2 setup, but I'm not sure which direction to go. Whichever direction I go, it would be used exclusively for airing tires...
  2. moderndaynorseman

    PullPal vs Deadman Anchor

    As the title suggests, looking for feedback on pull pals and deadman anchors. Main benefit would be the ability to winch out of situations where you'd normally be unable to (mud pit with no trees, deep/loose sand, etc. Deadman anchor link if you've not seen it before. Both have their place but...
  3. moderndaynorseman

    MOLLE Seat back panels - Who runs one?

    Hey guys and gals. I've been thinking of getting one of those universal type of MOLLE platforms (link to what I'm looking at) for the back of my drivers seat to hang some bags from. So far the only things I can think of using it for is first aid kits though (splitting my current kit into one...
  4. moderndaynorseman

    Yakima roof rack mounting strength

    Hey guys! I'm looking into getting a roof rack for my truck and what looks to be my best option is to use Yakima's landing pads 6 and 7 so I can get the aero crossbars and towers that I want. I had a Yakima roof rack on my car a few years ago and it was practically bomb proof, so I have no...
  5. moderndaynorseman

    AT Overland Habitat X James Baroud Pop up tent = Ultimate truck camper?

    Hey guys! I've been researching all sorts of truck campers, from simple bed platforms underneath canopies all the way up to full blown apartments on wheels based off of military trucks. What got me started on all of this is wanting to get off of the ground for sleeping (girlfriend wants to stay...
  6. moderndaynorseman

    Auxiliary Gasoline Storage

    Hey all! Looking for inspiration on how you guys carry spare gas, whether in cheapo plastic jerrycans, Rotopax, larger capacity replacement tanks, or even not carrying spare gas and the reasons why. I've been using a cheapo 5gal jerrycan for a while and it has done the job, but I'd like to...
  7. moderndaynorseman

    Egads, not another drawers thread!

    Hey guys, I hate to add yet another thread on the topic of drawers but I could use some (expert) advice before I commit to making mine. I've got my plan 99% roughed out with the exception of the type of plywood to use. I've been going back and forth between using pressure treated plywood for the...
  8. moderndaynorseman

    Ditch Lights - Show me what you got!

    Hey guys, as the title says I'm looking for ideas and examples of ditch lights! I'm thinking of getting a set for my '05 Dakota but I haven't the foggiest idea on where I'd actually mount them. With how the hood opens, I'm not sure if there's room to mount them in the "normal" spot. Cheers!