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  1. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    How hard can it be? I decided to give it a try. I recently bought a Hobart Handler 140 from Northern Tool and Equipment, and decided to put it to use. I went to the local metal supply, and bought 30 feet of 1/4 inch thick 2 inch square tubing. I know... way overkill for this application, and...
  2. ADVW/Liam

    2010 Tacoma Take offs... Dallas / Ft Worth

    1. Stock front and rear suspension TRD Sport @ 45-50,000 miles. Had a Daystar spacer lift, and upgraded to OME becuase of ARB and M8000 were too heavy for the stock suspension. Only had the bumper on for about a month before I installed the OME. Rear leafs have not had the TSB done, and I dont...
  3. ADVW/Liam

    Pro Comp UCAs - 2010 DC Tacoma 4X4

    I recently purchased a set of Pro Comp UCA's for my 2010 DC Tacoma 4x4. The removal of the stock UCA was pretty easy, as I watched a 14 min video on you tube detailing the install of Camburg UCAs. When I built the Pro Comp set, I noticed the steel tubes that go through the bushings were about...