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  1. fudge

    05’ Northstar Laredo Truck Camper (Marietta,Ga) $9500 obo

    Upgrading to a class c, here’s the Craigslist link for info https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/rvs/d/marietta-05-northstar-laredo-sc-truck/6843274707.html Hit me up with any questions, Dustin 404-519-2472 dustinfudge@gmail.com
  2. fudge

    1997 E350 Ujoint 4x4, CCV Pop Top, 5.4 v8 Marietta, Ga

    Howdy all, re-listing my van with a few updates and changes. I bought the van in 2014 and slowly built it out over a few years. The pop top was installed by Colorado Camper Van in April 2016 and it has lived in Colorado since. This fall I brought it back to Georgia. Built a platform bed that...
  3. fudge

    1997 4x4 E350 ( 5.4 v8, 87k, Ujoint 6", CCV Pop Top ) $35k

    It's time to sell the big van. It's served us well as an all around family camper for the past 4 years and now it's time for something else. I bought the van in August 2014 converted it to 4wd in February 2015. The pop top was installed by Colorado Camper Van in April 2016. I eventually moved...
  4. fudge

    FamilyFive Camper E350, Ujoint, CCV.....

    The truth is I always loved 4wd vans, I just couldn't justify the expense until our third kid came around. I went to a commercial van dealer to test drive an 08 e350 with 100k+ miles and right next to it was a 97 with 50k miles and half the price. We had found our van, a '97 e350 5.4 former...
  5. fudge

    Hella Rallye 3000 (Marietta, Ga)

    Cleaning out the barn. I have an old set of Hella Rallye 3000 Lights. Shells only, bulbs and wiring not included. $75+shipping
  6. fudge

    Four Wheel Camper Grandby Atlanta, Ga

    *****SOLD******Its time to say good-by to one of the coolest things Ive ever owned. My family is growing and its time for a new set up. Hopefully the next owner will enjoy as much as we have. I bought the camper one year ago and completely rebuilt the inside. All bedding was replaced with new...