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  1. cumminscruiser

    FJ60 roof rack clamps

    I’m building a roof rack for my FJ60 but I’m stuck on finding a suitable drip rail clamp, hopefully one that holds right but does not damage the stainless steel trim. Any suggestions?
  2. cumminscruiser

    LMTV camper build Camper truck frame connection

    Just starting to build my LMTV camper. I would like to remove the flat bed from the LMTV, problem is I thing the truck frame will twist when off road without the flat bed. I would like to build a light weight camper frame but I afraid the camper will twist and buckle when off road. Any Ideas...
  3. cumminscruiser

    Camper wall siding

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm looking for a composite panel to build a expedition camper. I would like the exterior something like fiberglass the core either plywood or some kind of structural foam. I will build a 1" x 1" steel frame then skin the outside with the panels. It would...
  4. cumminscruiser

    Mobile Home Trailer Axles

    I have two axles under my trailer both are the mobile home axle type where the rim does not have a center with a bolt circle hole pattern. The rim is held on to the brake drum with 5 studs and a small square tab and a nut. I have found this type of set-up is not good with long trips, does...
  5. cumminscruiser

    Round Off-road lights... What to do?

    I'm looking for a few round off-road lights preferably flood but might use a couple of spots would be good too. There are thousands of Chinese LEDs on eBay but I have no ide what to do. I know I don't want $500.00 lights but something that's rugged since It for off road use. I prefer round...
  6. cumminscruiser

    Toyota Landcruiser Swap Meet Placerville CA. May 14, 2016

    I'm not affiliated with this but it's worth posting. There is a Landcruiser as well as Toyota 4x4 truck swap meet Saturday May 14, 2016 in Placerville, CA. Free admission too. 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Great place to find those odd Landcruiser parts. It's sponsored by " Toys on the Rocks" a local...
  7. cumminscruiser

    Shovel Storage

    My first try at a storage spot for a small shovel, I think I can place a flat piece at the shovel blade end to keep it from falling out and then some kind of quarter turn twist at the handle. The plan is to cut an opening on an interior wall of the camper and install this flush with the inside...
  8. cumminscruiser

    Aisin Locking Hub Parts

    I'm looking for the springs for the Aisin locking hub on my FJ60 Landcruiser, I just need the two springs and the little sheet metal part that holds the springs. For just one hub.
  9. cumminscruiser

    Petamuma CA. Toyota Swap Meet

    No affiliation, but a good time for Cruiser owners to get together... PMC Swap Meet July 12, 2014, Petaluma, California Contact: Larry Kitahara (707) 586-7840 Hosted by Pacific Mountain Cruisers Swap Meet Show & Go - PMC invites all TLCA Members and Toyota Owners! Gates Open at 7am for...
  10. cumminscruiser

    Cooler / Spare tire carrier

    Just started designing a cooler / spare tire carrier for the rear bumper. The posts about failing single shear pivots is leaning me to a double shear with bronze bushings. Oh going on my FJ60 and FJ40.
  11. cumminscruiser

    Around the World

    I saw this guy in Auburn, CA. USA last Saturday. He looked like he was traveling a long way, I asked him where he was going and he said around the world and he had came from Columbia. We just met briefly I shook his hand and wished him safe travels.
  12. cumminscruiser

    Avenza Map Challenges

    I've been able to download maps and using Avenza on my iPad and a GPS receiver map my path. One challenge is getting the maps from the Avenza store. Example: I downloaded the Bodie USGS topo map from the store. An adjacent map is Aurora, but I can't find this map at their store. Is there...
  13. cumminscruiser

    5 gal water bottles

    I am in need of a couple of 5 gal. water bottles. FDA approved. I have been looking high and low but between shipping and cost of the bottles it's expensive. I found these: http://www.scribnerplastics.com/utiljug.htm They are in Rancho Cordova, close to Sacramento CA. the cost is $25.00 each...
  14. cumminscruiser

    Stockton, CA. Landcruiser swap meet

    Just an update There will be a swap meet in Stockton, CA. April 12th. at 4932 Waterloo Road Stockton CA. So that means cancel all of your other plans, the spleen surgery can wait and the anniversary. Oh have the anniversary at the swap meet, heck it's the thought that counts.
  15. cumminscruiser

    Cumminscruiser fixed

    Just picked up my Cumminscruiser at Valley Hybrids in Stockton, CA. Georg fixed the front end then rebuilt the transfercase. Still need to replace a couple of ujoints so almost ready for spring wheeling.
  16. cumminscruiser


    Saw this on the web the other day, so I thought I would post it here. What a good idea to help carry some equipment on a road or trail. http://botsonix.com/
  17. cumminscruiser

    Expedition Camper Insulated Box

    For starters I am posting this for a neighbor who has lots of cool things like a Unimog and other cool stuff. His plans was to make a camper out of this but just no longer has the time. This is a 1970s Swiss NATO Ambulance box, it's about 10 ft long and 5 ft10 in high. Insulated fiberglass...
  18. cumminscruiser

    FJ60 Dual Case Transfercase Marlin Crawlers

    I just spoke to the fine folks at Marlin Crawlers reguarding their dual case set-up for the FJ60 transfer case. They have built it and sold about 100 but do not have any more. They would build the kits once more if there is interest. The link is below. They need about 30 people interested to...
  19. cumminscruiser

    Always room for another Landcruiser

    Having already two Landcruisers FJ40 and FJ60, My FJ60 is my Expo vehicle and will continue to be. I looking for a newer more civilized ride. for day to day driving to the mall. So I'm thinking a FJ80 or newer. Question is L6 or V8. I also perfer a stick shift. I'd rather eat worms then drive...
  20. cumminscruiser

    Princess and the pea

    After a couple of nights in the back of my FJ60 I'm adding a foam strip in the grooves, new padding then new carpet. I guess I'm a sissy.