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    Best Sub 100K Trailer available in USA Market (not Black Series)

    I was really liking the features and price point of the Black Series until I started reading some mid to long-term reviews of their products. Lots of quality control issues, delays in getting parts and cutting corners. I'm now looking at Zone RV in AU, but would really prefer buying from a US...
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    2020 Ram 1500 Build

    Went from a LC200 and G550 to truck. It's a very different experience, but the family is enjoying it so far!
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    RAM 1500 - Limited Diesel

    Offroad package, rear lockers and armor. Just got her. So far I've added full front and doors clear bra, and powder coated some Ram Rebel wheels with 295/70/18 Cooper AT3 XLT's. Loving the Ram boxes, but it is making stuff trickly like rack system and Decked. However, I was told by Decked...
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    2015 G550 - Built - Extended 3 Year Factory CPO - $74,000 (Portland, OR)

    Very lightly used G550 for family outings in the PNW. Full front clear bra, extended factory warranty (26 months left) with tasteful modifications. I bought this new from Mercedes in 2015 as a company lease. At the end of the 4-year lease, I purchased the vehicle from Mercedes as a CPO last...
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    ORC Springs Install

    1.5 inches of lift as advertised. They shipped with steel braided front brake lines as part of the kit. Thank you Tony @ Tony Motorsports!!! https://www.facebook.com/motorsportstirewheel/
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    G550 Eezi Awn K9 Roof Rack

    So I snagged one of the last two K9 roof racks left in the states from Equipt yesterday. I have to say I am very, very impressed by the quality of this rack. I've owned a Baja Rack and FrontRunner on my Landcruiser 200, and I have to say Eezi Awn has a winner on their hands here. Some...
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    Rhino Rack... What would you do?

    Here is a response I got from Jeff @ Rhino Rack. Nice guy btw, but didn't instill much confidence in me lol. It's weird, because I have seen pictures of the Rhino Rack on G550's on the internet... but they seem to be unofficial sort of like the ARB roof racks seen on some G's. Thoughts...
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    Goodyear Adventures 265-70-18 (pro-grade in 6 ply)

    After a ton research between the Goodyear Adventure and BFG KO2... I pulled the trigger yesterday on the Adventures. My criteria were: 1. MPG (weight and rolling resistance) 2. Road Noise 3. Wet weather traction 4. Triple Peak Snow Rated 5. Looks 6. Sidewall (I don't do any rock crawling) It...
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    New 2015 G550 (suspension question)

    Hey guys, happy owner of a new 550, and have some questions about taking some of the wallow out of turning at speed. My LC 200 had the same problem until I put Radflo shocks and Eibach springs on it. I've already spoken to Radflo about some nice 2.5's with reservoirs, BUT I can't seem to find...
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    2003 G500 with 45,000 miles on it

    I'm thinking of adding a new overlander to my stable. I currently have a 2008 Landcruiser 200 pretty well built up, and was curious what people felt about the reliability of a well maintained 2003? I know about window actuators, but other than that, what are the big problem areas? Thanks guys!
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    2008 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 98,xxx miles.

    The mod bug has hit again. Just purchased a G550 for my new project vehicle. Finally ready to part with my 200, which has been stored in underground parking for the last three months. Title in hand. The time has come to sell my project that has only seen snow and logging roads. Really a...
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    Landcruiser 200 Dual Battery Install with Blue Sea Systems 7622

    Hi, thought I would post my experience with installing a dual battery system into my Landcruiser 200. It took some time to source the battery tray from TJM (4 months), but the rest was pretty straight forward. The Blue Sea Systems 7622 is built like a bomb shelter... very impressive. One word...