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    DC Escapists- CapitolSouthbound.com

    Thanks for the note! We are beachcombers at heart and are bracing for the chill in the lower latitudes, and of course higher altitudes. All part of the adventures. Give our regards to Arlington. (Rays the Steaks was out farewell dinner!) Cheers, Cesar
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    DC Escapists- CapitolSouthbound.com

    We are two Washington DCers who have escaped the physical and mental beltway of the U.S. capitol. With 7 months and 12k miles under ours and our trusty 1995 4runner's belt, we are posed to cross the Darien Gap (via water) and start our South American leg. All stories, gear reviews, and a few...
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    In Mexico- need new rear coils/shocks for my '95 4runner

    Thanks for the responses and info folks! My 4Runner has springs in the rear- current set up is stock springs with 2inch spacers and the failed Airlift- which now look like two big used condoms stuffed in the springs. Kinda sad. I am actively looking into have the Firestone airbags shipped to...
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    In Mexico- need new rear coils/shocks for my '95 4runner

    I am currently in Mexico City in search of new rear springs for my '95 4runner after my Airlift 1000 lift system gave out. Can't seem to find any parts for the 4runner since this mode never made it to Mexico. Anyone know where I can possibly find new/longer springs here in Mexico? I need to...
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    Looking fot an awning in Mexico

    We are in our 2nd month of our panamerican expedition and have realized we definitely need an awning. Other than a tarp and pole set up, any one know how we can get a hold of an awning for our 4runner Mexico? Good shipping options?
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    San Francisco to Tierra Del Fuego leaving Nov 2010 (Nissan Xterra)

    Pretty cool! My wife and I are in the initial planning stages of pretty much the same trip- but DC to Tierra for us. Your site is great and we have already begun to steal some of your ideas as we prep. Thanks for the info and safe travels! Cheers, Cesar