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  1. MarcFJ60

    Looking at an LX470 tomorrow - please discuss

    Check for rust on the underside of the upper tailgate, that even gets the cars here in VA. The 2002 I believe has the 4 speed auto versus the 5 speed in 2003+. As a consequence, it tends be a price bump in that era. For a 2002 with 130K, price seems OK, but it sounded better as a 2003.
  2. MarcFJ60

    Lexus LX or GX for newbie

    I ended up with a GX after tiring of searching for a good 100 series. I wish I searched longer and will likely move on from the GX at some point. The GX is a fine SUV, but it isn't a landcruiser. The air suspension is poor and expensive to maintain stock if it fails. The rear swingout door...
  3. MarcFJ60

    affordable (i.e., used) ADV machines

    I'm surprised they limited the Stroms to only 2012+. All of them run forever and are a great value. The newer ones are improved, but you can get the older ones dirt cheap, and frequently pre-farkled. I am surprised they put the DRZ on the list and not the DR650. The DRZs are usually a little...
  4. MarcFJ60

    New Inflatable Thermal Layer - Thoughts?

    You should probably register as a vendor rather than posting this spam.
  5. MarcFJ60

    Introduction and question about a Land Cruiser

    I have seen rusty projects selling for 1500-3K. But if it is rust free and relatively clean, which it looks from that single pic, I would say $4k to $6K, maybe a bit more since you are in California. Mileage isn't that big of a deal, but really low miles (~100K) would bump the price. Mileage...
  6. MarcFJ60

    The story of the BMW R80 G/S

    Aside from being the first (BMW at least), I'm not sure the R80GS isn't the best GS. Decent offroad capability and 410 pounds wet. Today's adventure bikes all approach/surpass 500 pounds. I'm sure the current generation GS is a much better touring bike, but I would imagine the tougher and...
  7. MarcFJ60

    Best Cruiser for my family

    I agree with Calicamper. While the 100 series is better built and generally a noticeably higher quality vehicle, the Sequoia is also compelling for how many people actually use their trucks. They drive very nicely and have loads of room. While they aren't quite as good offroad as a 100...
  8. MarcFJ60

    Best Cruiser for my family

    '03 got the 5 speed transmission and '05 (or '06?) got the more powerful engine. It seems the newer the cruiser the more likely it will have AHC and integrated radio/nav/HVAC. In fact, I would imagine any '03 and newer will have the integrated radio/HVAC/Nav. Not a huge deal, but I'm not a...
  9. MarcFJ60

    First time LC 100 buyer

    Rust on the underside of the upper tailgate is a known issue. The question is how bad it is. Can it be stopped or is it something that will necessitate a new tailgate at some point. The price sounds really good. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a well maintained cruiser with 245K. To me, the...
  10. MarcFJ60

    Convince me I need a fridge!

    It did, and it never occurred to me to do it that way. That is both genius and common sense! Apparently I am neither a genius or have common sense because that never crossed my mind. :(
  11. MarcFJ60

    Convince me I need a fridge!

    No, it is mostly a convenience issue along with "battery drain anxiety". I am sure I will use it again for camping at some point, but the cooler is my go to solution. Even at established campgrounds, where the car may only be 20 or 30 feet away, it got old (which was why I started exactly what...
  12. MarcFJ60

    Convince me I need a fridge!

    Your requirements are going to be unique to you. I will tell you my experience. My fridge basically sits indoors as a beer cooler. I don't regret the purchase and I will likely use it camping at times in the future, but I typically use a Coleman Extreme cooler. My camping trips tend to be a...
  13. MarcFJ60

    Totalled my 95fzj80... Looking for unbiased opinions of value to settle claim

    Regardless who is at fault, if they are totaling it they need to give you the fair market value. Obviously, the FMV can be argued. But for them to use a single comparative vehicle with 120K more miles and say the value is the same is a joke. If anything, their own comparative vehicle shows...
  14. MarcFJ60

    A new 2017 Husqvarna 701 is in my garage

    Do you plan to travel with it the same way you did with the 690? The 701 seems to get rave reviews, but haven't seen too many kitted for long travel yet. I haven't really looked that hard either since I have a 650 Thumper already, but the 701 seems to be getting closer to that ideal...
  15. MarcFJ60

    Looking at 100 series need some pointers

    Looks really good. Check for rust at the bottom/under the upper tailgate. Not sure why they rust there. I know there are drain holes but maybe they get clogged or just don't get all the water or it is a gasket issue. May not be an issue in Seattle.
  16. MarcFJ60

    Best Toyota for $15K

    If your ambition is family tent camping and mild off-roading, you are making this WAY too hard on yourself. Every one of the vehicles you listed will be great for what you want. I guarantee, even in stock form (or slightly more aggressive tires), each one's capability will exceed your needs...
  17. MarcFJ60

    Considering a Land Cruiser, have a few questions.

    How much do you plan on modifying any of these vehicle? Slightly bigger tires or are we talking huge lifts and 35" tires? This will really change the responses. The 80 series is a great vehicle, but unless you need the (very small amount of) added capability of the 80 series, I would...
  18. MarcFJ60

    My FJ60

    But maximum vacuum lines! $3000?!?!? You stole that thing - congrats.
  19. MarcFJ60

    What is the value for a 1998 Land Cruiser with 7,100 miles yes only 7,100 miles

    I wouldn't pay any premium for those miles, and in fact, would probably consider it a negative. But that's me, and I are smart. But here is the thing, those ultra low mileage rigs sell ultra high. Because some people think ultra low miles means ultra good condition. Put it on Ebay and I...
  20. MarcFJ60

    CL Land Cruiser: Looking for Buying Advice

    I agree with the others about the pre-93 80 series. The only way I would buy a FJ80 vs an FZJ80 would be if they were pretty much giving it away. $6000 for a 300K mile FJ80? Not me, even if it has a $2500 brake job :Wow1:. If it was set up EXACTLY how I wanted, maybe I would go $3k, but even...