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  1. bigskypylot

    Aux switches. What to look at (SPOD, ARB LINX or Switch Pros)

    Any thoughts on the three would be much appreciated. I want to add ditch lights, chase bar on the rear, compressor and front/rear air lockers (replacing rear diff with custom F9/10.5) Just running out of room and think this would be the easiest and cheaper solution. this is how it sits...
  2. bigskypylot

    Hannemann Front/Rear Fenders for Titan Swap/ Long Travel

    Just trying to gage interest in front and rear fenders for the second gen Xterra that are Titan Swapped or long travel. I spoke with Hal Hannemann at Hannemann Fiberglass. He has been meaning to get around to doing rears for the 2g Xterra. I said I knew of some folks that were interested...
  3. bigskypylot

    Ford Tremor

    Just curious on what folk's thoughts on this offering from Ford are. I've heard in a video that with the F250 Tremor, you actually get the F350 specs when you get the Tremor package, if that makes any sense. I am looking to get in the Full-size Market in the next year or two and love Super...
  4. bigskypylot

    Kinsmen Awning & Eezi-Awn Swift Awning located in Bozeman/Belgrade

    Posting for a friend back in Bozeman. He has the following up for sale: Kinsmen 270° Free Standing Awning https://www.kinsmenhardware.com/awning Kinsmen is brand new in box. $2200 shipped. They are $2300 shipped new and have a 3 month lead time. **edit** He also has GFC mounts for the...
  5. bigskypylot

    Titan Tanks Trail Trekker II

    Just curious if anyone here has any firsthand experience with this product. I am looking to add it to my MaxGear rear bumper as I really would like more range ( in addition to my two 5 gal MFCs. I am also looking at doing PhullD's aux tank mod. The reason being, with a supercharged VK on 35s...
  6. bigskypylot

    2006 Xterra OR project. Phase Two

    Well, I might as well give an update to "Phase Two" of the project Not much in the way of pics or vids but I know DD/BB is working hard on my build. Wish I could be more hands on but this was the best way to get done what I want done to the X in the time frame I have. As you all know about...
  7. bigskypylot

    New Cayenne Parts from PRG

    Just saw this come up on my feed this morning. Greg is making some good stuff for the Cayenne aside from the great products he has for Nissan Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. bigskypylot

    Spotted on FB Marketplace

    Seems a bit high on price? More pics if you follow the link https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/871129306575115/ Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. bigskypylot

    2006 Xterra OR project. Phase One

    It's going to be down for a few but should be interesting to watch the progress. She's getting the Full Titan-Swap PRG Radflo 2.5 TS Coilovers/700# PRG Titan Swap UCA Titan Spindles and OEM LCA PRG heimed outer steering tie rods OEM Nissan Inner tie rods PRG 19" front brakelines OEM Nissan wheel...
  10. bigskypylot

    Craigslist Find Prescott, AZ

  11. bigskypylot

    Pathfinder V8 Floor Shifter Assembly

    Just curious if anyone knows with any degree of certainty if a 5.6L 4x4 and 4x2 shifter assembly would be the same. They both have the "Manual/Sport Shift/Tiptronic" type trans. We are doing some R&D for a project and are pretty certain that they will work but wanted to hear what others had...
  12. bigskypylot

    Wombat Camper

    I do believe I have found the perfect camper for me. Well, almost. It's in the prototype stage now but due to debut at 2019 ExPo West. Theres a few things I have in mind that I'd like to see but this checks the boxes on a lot of things I want and need. http://wombatcamper.com/ Sent from my...
  13. bigskypylot

    Casita Offroad Conversion

    Doing some searching through threads, I've stumbled upon this. There's not a lot of follow up as it's been sold and someone else continued the project but not much for updates since. I think a 13ft or even the 16/17ft trailer would be perfect to get back to some places where 90% of the general...
  14. bigskypylot

    Cargo Camp Trailers

    Saw this in my google feed. They must be spying on me https://www.motor1.com/news/264951/cargo-camp-barebones-incognito-tourists/
  15. bigskypylot

    Smallest air conditioner for 5x8 trailer

    Looking at having a build done by cargo craft and they said they usually go with 13,500btu units, I assume for their "larger trailers". I feel that's kinda overkill for any trailer of this size. I've seen some 13.5 units were operable with a 2500 generator utilizing a microstart soft start...
  16. bigskypylot

    Harrop/Eaton E-locker for Titan, R51 Pathfinder, Titan-Swapped Xterra and Frontier

    **M205 E-locker For Titan Swapped Xterra/Frontier/Pathfinder** Just wanted to gauge interest in a M205 front e-locker from Harrop/Eaton. Currently, they have one for the Y62 Patrol which we originally thought would work with the M205 but further conversation with Harrop revealed that the...
  17. bigskypylot

    Cargo Craft Offroad Trailers

    Looling in to something like this. I spoke with the guy that has them built and customized down in the Dallas area. This particular build is insulated and has aluminum walls and vinyl floor with etrack system on walls. It also has 3500 torsion axles that I could upgrade to 5200# axle with...
  18. bigskypylot

    Not sure where to post this tire questions but would love some feedback on

    If there is a place to post questions about tire selection, I must not be seeing it. Anyhow, I have narrowed it down to a handful of selections. First is the Toyo Open Country RT in 35x12.50/17 Second, Falken WIldpeak A/T3W in 35x12.50/17 Third, Cooper STT Pro in 315/70R17 Fourth, Nitto...
  19. bigskypylot

    Earle Motors Ducati Alaskan Conversion

    Just curious what everyone's opinions are on this vs. say a 1090ADV-R Thanks! https://www.earlemotors.com/home/
  20. bigskypylot

    Shrockworks G2 Sliders w/ treadplate 2nd Gen Xterra

    Anyone looking for Shrockworks Gen 2 sliders with treadplate? They are in Excellent condition with no rust, dents or gouges. They are currently off of my Xterra as I am switching to a different model. I can get detailed pics later next week if you need them. I will include new stick nuts to go...