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  1. ramblinChet

    Virginia to Montana (FWC) to Wyoming (YNP) to Michigan (AEV)

    As many of you know I ordered my RAM 3500 and Four Wheel Camper Grandby long ago. The RAM arrived months ago and the FWC just a few days ago. Below I will share some pictures and notes from my journey of 5,000 miles in less than two weeks. It begins in Virginia with stops in Montana to have my...
  2. ramblinChet

    how to best protect 6 gauge 30 Adc power and ground under truck

    I am interested in hearing suggestions and maybe even seeing some pictures of how to best protect a 6 gauge 30 Adc power and ground that will be running from the engine compartment, under the truck and coming up into the bed. If you have material suggestions and/or pictures I would love to hear...
  3. ramblinChet

    mounting two circuit breakers - your ideas?

    I need to mount two Blue Sea series 285 circuit breakers under my hood near the battery and am interested in hearing your suggestions. My goal is to mount them near the battery which is located on the drivers side towards the back. Here is a close-up shot that shows the general area. Here is...
  4. ramblinChet

    High Amperage Power Point (HAPP) for multiple high amp accessories

    I am going to installing three accessories soon and am considering running most or all of the through the High Amperage Power Point (HAPP) - thanks to @Brutal_HO for the acronym. Here are the accessories I will be running: Warn 16.5ti winch 68-507 amps ExtremeAire Magnum air compressor 82...
  5. ramblinChet

    Titan spare tire auxiliary fuel system for 6.4L gas

    Has anyone installed the Titan spare tire auxiliary fuel system in a full size truck with a gas engine? I respect the fact that Titan advertises them for diesel applications but if this was an off-highway or agricultural vehicle could the advertised diesel system be used for gasoline...
  6. ramblinChet

    FS - James Baroud Isothermic Rooftop Tent Insulation Kit

    This is the Explorer/Evasion model. James Baroud Isothermic kits attach to the inside of your tent for extra insulation to prevent heat loss during winter and keep the temps down in the hot sun. For example, the average temperature increase during winter is 42.8 degrees when using the...
  7. ramblinChet

    FS - James Baroud Tunnel Attachment

    The new James Baroud Tunnel is designed to allow you to enter your James Baroud rooftop tent while completely shielded from inclement weather. The tunnel is naturally built to connect with the James Baroud awning (not included), to allow for an easy entrance. The unique design of the awning...
  8. ramblinChet

    Various methods to attached FWC to truck

    My new truck was delivered a few weeks ago and in just a few months I will have my new FWC shell installed. I am interested in learning about the different methods used to install the camper. Right now I am only aware of two methods: attach to bed using turnbuckles fore and aft of wheel well...
  9. ramblinChet

    Eaton E-Locker - Dana 44 30 spline 3.92 & up

    New in box - never installed - sold vehicle. $795 obo plus actual cost of shipping - available for pick up in Richmond & Virginia Beach "The Eaton ELocker is a highly engineered unit that allows for maximum driveline flexibility. Users can switch from a fully-open to 100%-locked axle at the...
  10. ramblinChet

    Solar panels >200 W on FWC Grandby

    I am interested in learning about >200 W solar panel installations on FWC Grandby campers. Does anyone have larger installs or anything >500 W even? I would like to know about the layout, any weight or cable issues, etc.
  11. ramblinChet

    WTB: 2019-2021 RAM Power Wagon winch mount

    If you have a 2019-2021 Power Wagon and are installing a new front bumper I am interested in the brackets and components used to mount your stock winch.
  12. ramblinChet

    2021 Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper Grandby Shell - full time overland build

    Here is a list of the options I selected along with a brief explanation for each: MODEL: 2021 - Very easy choice since there are virtually zero FWC campers available let alone a Grandby Shell. Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper - This was a long and difficult decision since over the past few years I...
  13. ramblinChet

    2021 RAM 3500 Tradesman regular cab long box 4x4 - full time overland build

    They say pictures are worth a thousand words so let's begin with one... Here is a list of the options I selected along with a brief explanation for each: BASE VEHICLE & TRIM: 2021 - My initial goal was to find a swell deal on a 2020 close to the end of the year. If I had been able to find...