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  1. stevegsmith

    OpenROV boys with Land Rover and a 360 degree view video camera.

    Check out these guys. While watching the video, click and drag to see a 360 degree view. http://www.mensjournal.com/adventure/driven/the-diy-explorers-20131001/openrov-immersive-clip Their other video regarding their story and their exploration tool, OpenROV, submersible camera...
  2. stevegsmith

    Land Rover/Mensjournal meets OpenROV - underwater robot

    These guys should be proud. They're great guys living and working in Berkeley and making cool stuff. In fact, they're soo cool that they were lucky enough to get shuttled to their exploration location via the new LR. Why not? Ever wanted to see what was below the surface but didn't feel...
  3. stevegsmith

    Oregon G-Wagen gathering June 17-19, 2011

    Hello All, This is a low-key family affair in an amazing setting. You don't have to drive a G but beware, many will be This is a group of friends and family that have all met and come together over a shared fondness of the capabilities and attributes of the G-wagen. It's really more of a...
  4. stevegsmith

    New G-Entdecker brochure

    Link forwarded from our friend Amzimmy in South Africa http://www.mercedes-g-entdecker.com/ Thanks Amzimmy!
  5. stevegsmith

    G-wagen factory paint shop video

    One of our extra cool G enthusiast brothers posted this link on the P3 forum recently: YouTube - presento.tv - Magna Steyr Thanks Morinson!
  6. stevegsmith

    Jorg Sand's "G-Wagen" Magazine

    I swear this isn't a plug for personal monetary benefit. Since there was recent talk about G specific literature, I thought this deserved it's own thread. If you didn't already know, Jorg Sand has embarked on the challenging task of putting together a new magazine specific to the G. Yes, he's...