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    Tent pole joint info.

    So I'm trying to build a tent/awning set up & found these Khyam tent pole joints... now I just need to find some several thousand miles closer. Kyham isn't shipping them to So. Cal. so I was wondering if anyone knows of a similar joint on this side of the pond ?? Any thoughts or input is...
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    U.K. Tent hardware info. AND possibly some help...

    O.K. so I'm working on a "project" and found a tent pole "joint" I want... from Khyam. So I have a few questions... -Khyam... tents and hardware... COOL ?? or CRAP ?? -How about their Manual Joint & Auto Joints... Are they strong... any concerns or issues ?? -AND !!! Anyone willing to...
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    Low profile bed cap scratch build...

    So I'm trying to come up with an ideas on a material to build a low profile bed cap. I really only want it to be 8" or 10" above the bed rails... shell is too high & a tonneau too low. I'd like it to as water & dust proof as possible... lite... possibly liftable from one end at a time...
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    Air shocks Y or N ??

    Go easy on me here... I'm contemplating on using an air shock (as opposed to bags) on a truckbed trailer. My thought is that when the payload increases I can stiffen things up & increase the height a little if needed. Then run them at minimum when lite or empty. Right now the trailer with no...
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    Cherokee Cut up into a trailer

    Anyone have a guess where the thread with the blue XXXpedition XJ is ?? Wasn't there a guy in Australia who made it into a trailer ? Curt
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    Wildernest in So.Cal.

    Don't know if it's still up for sale but I thought I'd throw it out there... http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/rvs/911438113.html Curt
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    Bear trailersports trailgater trailer

    I think they're realitively new... don't know for sure. Might be a good starting set up to build off of... http://www.beartrailersports.com/trailgater.html Curt
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    Tent top for trailers

    Many Many months ago someone posted a pict. of a homemade tent on a trailer on I think a utility bed... Might of been a few I.H.s in the background... anyone remember this pict. ? A link would be MASIVELY appreciated... Curt