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  1. OverlandTrade

    What is the craziest recovery situation you made it through (or didn't make it through)?

    Tell me some of the craziest/ most difficult/ scariest recovery situations you have faced. What caused it? What did you do to get out? What damage did you take?
  2. OverlandTrade

    What is the maximum tire diameter for 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk?

    Hello, I am planning on getting some bigger tires for my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. I believe the max diameter I can fit is 32" without rubbing. Does anyone know the max diameter and width without modification? The stock size has done fine wheeling but I am upgrading to Duratracs and...
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    What is the top tool for a recovery situation? [Poll]

    Nothing beats a trip out on the trails, but we all know you run the risk of getting into some tricky situations and getting stuck out there. What is the number one item you MAKE SURE YOU HAVE, for a recovery situation? I know there that are more than one items that you want to with you to get...
  4. OverlandTrade

    What are your top 3 tools to bring for a recovery situation?

    Hello, I have been getting more and more into Overlanding/Off-roading lately. Mostly because I love really getting off the grid and enjoying some nice solitude in nature. However, we all know when your out facing the elements you need to be prepared, as there won't be a lot of aid from nature...