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    trailer frame: what did you forget?

    I too ran a backbone front to rear... the removable tongue can be moved to the rear in dire situations to get the trailer out of a bad spot by those following if needed... not optimal, but for a 100' to regroup & get resituated it should work... hopefully I'm never there...
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    Ballpark estimate for a custom canvas?

    Maybe use some foam pipe insulation & have the upholstery shop make velcro or zippered covers... as Brit mentioned above... Nice looking trailer...
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    Long term pickup trailer build.

    Truckbed thread here... some nice set ups... https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/show-us-your-truck-bed-trailers.65308/
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    California Adventures M1102 Build (2019)

    Box Cyn... Did you actually camp there or just set up so to speak ? The trailer is looking great...
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    First camper build

    Kendall I don't know if it applies to Monster or not, but I believe some of the other DIY liners had issues with the liner cracking after awhile when applied to raw wood. Something to ask whichever company you go with... might not be an issue, but thought I'd pass that along... if you haven't...
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    Build - Fiberglass & Foam Truck Camper

    Thanks Blinkerfluid & Lady Underkill for the info. and experiences... Looking forward to the remaining build picts.
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    1993 Revcon Trailblazer - Project Overhaul

    WOW !! Well done... I spent some time in Baja in the 90s with a old time racer from the 60s and we saw a Revcon and I drooled... He said that Condor raced a 4WD motor-home years ago in the 1000... had a seat belt on the crapper... I just thought how cool... How are y'all still married... I...
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    Build - Fiberglass & Foam Truck Camper

    So you feel that 1/2" was strong enough... no real need for 1"+ ? What were the failure points with the XPF ? I imagine the joints... I would have thought thicker would be needed... Congrats... looks good, well done...
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    Y'all may want to look into building with XPF foam and fiberglass Check out the trailer site...

    Y'all may want to look into building with XPF foam and fiberglass Check out the trailer site http://www.tnttt.com/viewforum.php?f=55 this is the "foamie" forum They tend to keep $ a priority & light weight, they also use what they call PMF "poor mans fiberglass" I can't make this message long...
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    Dirty cheap truck bed trailer

    You might even be able to get an XJ flare on there to help tie it in...
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    Looking for simple, functional XJ build ideas

    You can get O.E. or aftermarket reinforced tow brackets that might require slight trimming on the front spoiler.air dam... As opposed to traditional tow hooks that were oriented vertically & would hit on ledges or ?? I went with mid. to late 90s GM hooks that are oriented horizontal. I had to...
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    Looking for simple, functional XJ build ideas

    How about protection ? Skid plates & rocker protection (not nerf bars), tow points... F&R. Not necessarily the HD stuff, but all, but the rocker protection can be found as O.E. equip. There is a better selection from the aftermarket, but O.E. stuff is out there... All the safety equip. for your...
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    Jeep Comanche Overland Camping Trailer Build

    NICE !! well done... just where is this trailer located... ;) I've got a stalled LWB trailer build as well... The looseness is why I went to XJ springs... I relocated the spring hangers to accommodate the shorter springs... I'm glad you posted the build... sort of... Keep posting... I...
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    show us your truck bed trailers

    Nice set up !... well done.
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    Jeep Comanche Trailer

    I wouldn't mind having an XJ the wasn't on strike right now :mad: I made the draw-bar extendable & removable so I could swap it to the back & pull it out if need be... I found the MJ springs too long do I relocated the spring mounts closer together & mounted O.E. XJ springs... angled the frame...
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    Jeep Comanche Trailer

    Have you seen this thread ? Several Comanche beds built up... mine is on Pg. 2 Still working on it as well as too many other projects... http://forum.expeditionportal.com/threads/65308-show-us-your-truck-bed-trailers
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    show us your truck bed trailers

    Yes... a short bed... mines a longbed.
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    CJ5 Resto-Mod Project

    Well I don't know WHAT !! the Hell is going on with the video starting 6 mins. in. I tried to edit about 5 times... deleted the post 3 times all to no avail... So once it starts know that you're 6+ mins. into the video and start it over... Grrrr...
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    CJ5 Resto-Mod Project