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  1. dstock

    Gladiator to get Wrangler 4xe Plug-in Hybrid Drivetrain

    This just in and later this year even..... Gladiator 4xe
  2. dstock

    1992 Toyota 4Runner 4WD V6 -Super Clean with No Mods $13.5K - posting for a friend

    My buddy is selling an all original, super clean, no modifications 1992 4Runner 4WD V6 he picked up as a project. He is very anal retentive and has gone through the whole thing, cleaning it up, addressing any issues and brought it back to it's former glory. It does have a small scrape/dent on...
  3. dstock

    CVT Mt. Hood - Anyone have one?

    Looking for feedback on the latest iteration of the CVT Mt. Hood clamshell tent. Who's got one? https://cascadiatents.com/mt-hood.html Thanks in advance.
  4. dstock

    2018 4Runner rear brake pads worn out in 15K miles...twice! Is this normal?

    I posted this in a 4Runner forum but I thought I'd throw it out here as well.... Albeit this is our first Toyota, but at 15K and now at 30K the rear brake pads are worn out on our 2018 TRD Off-Road Premium. I can't find any posts to indicate this is normal and the dealership claims to have gone...
  5. dstock

    FS: Tepui 6' 6" x 6' 6" Awning - SoCal

    I have a lightly used Tepui 6'6" x 6'6" Awning for sale. We decided to go with a 270 awning so now this one is up for grabs. Mounting brackets, and stakes in bag included. $200/OBO - local pickup only. I'm in the South Bay, about 20 mins south of LAX. Seen here packed up on our trailer...
  6. dstock

    Maggiolina Grand Tour 360 - US availability? Does anyone have one?

    I asked this question in another thread but I thought I'd go ahead and give it it's own thread. Is the Maggiolina Grand Tour 360 available yet in the US? I saw this tent at SEMA last year and really liked it but haven't seen any in the wild. It is listed on the global site but not on the...
  7. dstock

    How thick should a plate system be?

    I'm going to add a plywood baseplate to our trailer as a basis for adding drawers and some other storage options without having to drill through the bed of the trailer every time. I'm curious as to what thickness others have gone with as a base plate, 1/2" or 3/4"? I'd like to keep the weight...
  8. dstock

    Grand Terrain Co. "Aspen" Hardshell RTT? Anyone have one?

    I haven't been able to find much on these tents, does anyone here have any experience with one? It's one of the few hardshell tents that also has the ability to have an Annex with an attached floor. https://www.grandterrainco.com/collections/tents/products/the-aspen
  9. dstock

    ARB Air Compressor plug melted

    I had to remove my ARB compressor in my Jeep JK so the dealer can access the brake booster and when I went to unplug it, I found this: This side of the connector is fairly melted however the other side is not. I don't see any other issues with the wiring loom and everything works as it...
  10. dstock

    Jeep JK Gobi rack adjustable cross bars

    Just thought I'd post in here, I have a pair of these adjustable bars for sale here in the "Vehicle Parts" section. They are brand new, it took so long for them to arrive, I accidentally bought an expo trailer in the meantime and never used them. Makes it really easy to mount and remove the...
  11. dstock

    Jeep JK Gobi Adjustable Cross Bars - NEW

    SOLD!!! I've got a pair of NEW Gobi adjustable cross bars for a Jeep JK Gobi rack. They make mounting a RTT to a Gobi rack a much less painful experience! No more contorting your wrists to get under the rack to attach the tent. Attach the RTT to the bars and then load it on the rack, tighten...
  12. dstock

    Yakima Q Towers w/locks and landing pads for roof tracks

    SOLD!!!! At the time I believe these were called Q towers but with a base that is setup to be used with roof mounted tracks. I had the Yakima tracks on my Jeep JK, made for very easy quick on and off. So 4 Q-towers with locks and 4 landing pads #1 for $140 shipped conus, paypal preferred...
  13. dstock

    Yakima Q-towers with rain gutter clips and locks

    The garage clean out continues.....I've got a set of 4 Yakima Q-Towers with locks. These are setup to work with rain gutters as we had them on our 2001 Jeep Cherokee (stolen but not forgotten). The are a little on the heavy side so I'm asking $125 shipped conus. Paypal preferred. Thanks for...
  14. dstock

    SOLD -Jeep JK ARB Full Width Rear Bumper - Local Pickup SoCal

    I've got a full width ARB rear bumper for sale off my 2013 JKUR. Powdercoat in good shape overall with a couple aesthetic issues. Driver side has a little discoloration from fuel over spill, and right side has some discoloration from my Gobi brackets. Couple other small nicks but otherwise in...
  15. dstock

    PahaQue Wilderness Teepee Shower Tent w/Aluminum poles

    SOLD!!! I've got a PahaQue Wilderness Teepee shower tent for sale, need to make some room in the garage. This is the $250 version with aluminum poles, not the $150 with fiberglass poles most commonly seen on Amazon. We just aren't using it as much since we got our RTT. It's very sturdy...
  16. dstock

    Best type of shop for RTT Zipper Repair

    So...I managed to knock a few teeth out of both sides of the zipper that connects my RTT to the annex. I got instructions from CVT on how to pull it off the base which was fairly easy. My question is, what type of shop should I look for to get it repaired? Auto Upholstery, straight up...
  17. dstock

    InReach SE Screen failure?

    Kind of a bummer, went to update my Inreach SE this morning and as soon as I plugged it in this is what I saw: For a device that lives mostly in a padded camera bag, I'm kind of surprised. It has never been dropped, etc. Granted it's still usable especially when connected to my phone. I...
  18. dstock

    Odyssey Battery OMAX-25A-1B Ultimizer Charger

    SOLD!! I have an Odyssey 25amp battery charger I no longer need as I have gone a different route with my batteries and it's more charger then I need. If you need to charge/maintain your Odyssey/Diehard Platinum batteries this will do the trick for most of the sizes, double check the Odyssey...
  19. dstock

    Sears and the Diehard Platinum warranty replacement question

    My second Diehard Platinum is dead, lasted 8 months longer than the other one which died at the beginning of this year. These batteries have been discontinued and I was able to get a refund on a Sears gift card for the first one because they had no equivalent options. I see on the website they...
  20. dstock

    Maxtrax Mounting pins

    I just purchased a set off Maxtrax Mounting pins so I can mout the Maxtrax on my expo trailer. This may seems like a moronic question, but here it goes! I can see how the pins rotate and lock but it seems the only way to do this is to slightly loosen the allen bolt at the top of the pin...