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  1. Yroundrdn

    Good by Suburban, hello Tacoma

    The suburban was a fun build and gave us 4 years of great memories but the opportunity to sell the beast came up so I bought the truck I've always wanted. Our last trip included some crazy trails where a Sub should not have been, with some narrow trails and intense drop off sections. It was...
  2. Yroundrdn

    Another Rustoleum $100 paint job

    Afraid to leave and get arrested... I looked out at the un-used Covid restricted Suburban and decided any effort at a paint job would be better than what's there. It had gotten so bad that paint would flake off in the rain!
  3. Yroundrdn

    2021 Tahoe- Interesting but not sold on it

    Well this is interesting. I think I like the rear diff being tucked up high but the writer didn't have a lot of good to talk about the other items. I would think it's not too hard to protect that but then, who buys a $60k vehicle and drags it over everything. New Tahoe
  4. Yroundrdn

    Are Surface cracks on front diff a problem?

    I was under the the front today when I noticed these surface cracks all over. The oil level was full and none of the cracks are leaking. I did a search but couldn’t find an answer. Runs perfect and 4x4 engages fine but don’t want a grenade it if this is a warning.
  5. Yroundrdn

    Lights and Lens under $100

    I was having trouble seeing at night with the old lights and lenses. Thought this might interest some of you. I was able to get a full set of lenses on Amazon for $58. The LED bulbs were about $35. The difference is unbelievable. Wish I hadn’t waited so long.
  6. Yroundrdn

    Awning efficency questions

    I have a suburban and am thinking about an awning. We have not camped where it would be necessary yet it will be in a few weeks. I was looking at the Overland Pros 270 degree but when you look at all the photos, the awnings do not seem to be providing too much shade other than for the side of...
  7. Yroundrdn

    1997 K2500 Sub- Expedition Build

    I've been lurking around here for a while and after selling the go anywhere XJ was looking for something we could sleep in and live out of for at least a week. There are some great builds and a ton of great ideas in this forum. Just picked this up for a couple hundred from a friend...