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  1. TheRoadie

    WTB: 16X8 6X5.5 spare rim (1 or 2)

    Anybody with an unused rim or two of that size gathering dust near San Diego? Just needed for a spare - I have tires, but my main spare with nice matching Mojave Teflon rim recently went missing. Sigh. Not going to replace it with an expensive one - a cheap one and cable lock this time. Thanks...
  2. TheRoadie

    Zodi Hot Vent II tent heater

    SOLD: Thanks, Sean! Seeing how an older version was snapped up recently got me thinking how little I use mine. Basically one overnight experiment, but in high wind that kept threatening to tip it over until I had a better idea. When used on top of a 5 pound tank with a feeder pole, it was fine...
  3. TheRoadie

    Borrego Springs designated Int'l Dark Sky Community

    http://docs.darksky.org/PR/PR_BorregoSprings.pdf I love camping here, in deep offroad canyons, to be amazed by the brightness of the Milky Way that so much of the world can't even see anymore due to light pollution...
  4. TheRoadie

    National Geographic TOPO promotion

    Buy a product from any retailer - get ANOTHER one of same price or less for FREE from NG! Woohoo! Download form here or from other retailers.
  5. TheRoadie

    Fridge: space between chilled compartment and insulation wall

    It's easy to clean an empty Engel fridge. But there's a 3/8" gap between the outside of the chilled compartment and the inner wall of the chamber. Defrosting seems like it drains some slush into the bottom of that gap, in an uncleanable space. What do people do, if anything? Pour some bleach...
  6. TheRoadie

    CO2 powertank testing

    Bought mine used, and was just told that on the NEXT refill it would need testing. But my wife brought it in to the gas store in San Marcos, and didn't ask them if they did it or how much. Experiences? Cost? Local or send-away?
  7. TheRoadie

    WTB: One No-Loss Valve Cap

    Extreme Outback makes very nice brass caps with a retaining strap, but they come in packs of four. Not optimum if you have a spare tire and use it in rotation. So does anybody have a single one I can buy for less than $11 for a second set? Or conversely, can I find two or three more people with...
  8. TheRoadie

    Bargain Bridging Ladders

    If you cringe at spending $450-500 a pair for the aluminum ones, or $150-200 for PSP sand ladders, these might be just the ticket. First time I've seen them under $100 a set. Recycled grating without the embedded grit surface, so that's the compromise you have to decide on. Seller (no relation...
  9. TheRoadie

    Pelican 1700, garage storage unit, other stuff in north SD county

    SOLD: Pelican 1700, old style (no wheels). Shipping labels can be scraped off top side with more enthusiasm than I have today. Inside fitted foam blocks were replaced years ago with a thin layer of anti-stat foam. This had been used to ship electronic backplanes around for a retrofit program...
  10. TheRoadie

    AAM SmartBar (electronic sway bar disconnect) on Ebay

    I was researching for something else as usual, and ran across this for a $350 starting bid: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110260708148 You could even rework the bar, since the actuator is the expensive bit. And save big $$ over the dealer cost.
  11. TheRoadie

    2 1/4 ton Sears floor jack w/case

    Take this garage paperweight away for $20. About 18 months old. Sears model 50523. Tested once on my wife's Honda, who says if she has a flat, she'll be calling AAA, not using this thing. Otherwise brand new, no scratches, no rust, not suitable for vehicles with real ground clearance unless you...
  12. TheRoadie

    Another Anza Borrego day trip 1/26/08 - practice sand extraction

    After getting stuck in the sand two trips ago in this thread, I vowed to bring my winch EVERY TIME, and also test it and the Pull Pal winch anchor, which I hadn't done under real-world conditions since buying them. It was also a great day to beat the approaching storm. Since I needed a spotter...
  13. TheRoadie

    Engel fridge - compressor incident?

    Have an Engel 45 only a few months old. After a particularly bouncy ride Sunday, the compressor seemed to stay on at 100% duty cycle into Monday, but not cool off very much. Probably 50 degrees instead of 34. But it sounded exactly normal, just constantly running. Using a second battery which...
  14. TheRoadie

    New gadget - Hi Lift Handle-All multi-tool

    Didn't see a thread that mentioned this yet - pardon me if I'm wrong. I got sick of having to bolt my shovel to the roof rack every time I went out, because it was getting rustier and rustier if I left it there, and I worried about shovel pilferage, given the demographics of where I park for...
  15. TheRoadie

    Aluminum pickup loading ramps as sand ladders?

    Was just in Costco and saw these aluminum folding loading ramps for $99. Two pieces, each one folding in the middle, about 12"X90". Rated for 600 pounds each, but that was for a load centered near the hinge point. I bet if you just didn't assemble the pieces together, you would have four 12"X48"...
  16. TheRoadie

    Mog sighting in Vista, CA

    Saw a clean white Mog in route 78 westbound in Vista on Sunday morning. Stake bed body, I think. Lettering said something like "Any Job, Any Where, Any Time." But it was doing 50 and I was doing 70 so I didn't see if it had a phone number. Anybody know this truck, and is it used for offoad...
  17. TheRoadie

    Bear proofing on vehicle-based expeditions?

    Last year, my September expedition was to the west side of the Sierra Nevadas - definite bear country with multiple sightings in the campgrounds. We stayed in organized campgrounds with large bear boxes that fit the cooler and a dry food footlocker. This year, we'll be on the eastern side, in...