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  1. TheRoadie

    New; carbon fiber seat heater(butt/back) set for 2 seats--SOLD!!

    Very interested if I can pick up. Where are you compared to Oregon City?
  2. TheRoadie

    Free: Mr heater big buddy bag.

    PM sent.
  3. TheRoadie

    Moving sale!

    Will buy the Jerry can holders, local as I've bought other stuff.
  4. TheRoadie

    For sale in vista, CA

    ...to a good adopted home. Much appreciated!
  5. TheRoadie

    For sale in vista, CA

    OK, OK. You twisted my arm to measure for the drawer unit. I can use it. PM sent.
  6. TheRoadie

    For sale in vista, CA

    PM sent in case it doesn't fit for BIGDaddy.
  7. TheRoadie

    General Grabber "red letters 285/75/16

    Offer sent by PM.
  8. TheRoadie

    Adam and Eve Sleeping bags

    Mrs. Roadie expresses interest. You have a PM.
  9. TheRoadie

    Mombasa 9009 RTT

    Paid, picked up and installed. THANKS, CRIS!!! It was in impeccable shape, better than his description, and he threw in some NEW mounting bits to make it even easier than it was designed to be. :wings: Never been more pleased with an Expo transaction. I'll take Cris' hand-me-downs any day if...
  10. TheRoadie

    Mombasa 9009 RTT

    PM sent with a full-price offer. It's my birthday in 3 weeks, and the wife said OK. :drool:
  11. TheRoadie

    Pico Chair Alternative - Xpress Lounger

    When that happens, I slip some other shim angels under the low spots. Admittedly, rocks don't scream like shim angels tend to, but you use whatever's at hand.... :hehe:
  12. TheRoadie

    WTB: Zodi Tent Heater

    That's their shower/hot water heater. The tent heater was off the market for a redesign, last I researched it. And the Zodi web site still says it's not available. I sold my used one in preference to a quieter catalytic.
  13. TheRoadie

    New Product - TRASHAROO!

    I have one of the first batch, and *I* missed it, too! Is there a "feeling dumb" smiley? Must be because the zipper doesn't have a glow-in-the-dark pull-loop.
  14. TheRoadie

    Tote-Along water carriers

    "Hardly used" in this context still means they have had gray/black water in them for short trips from a set-up RV to a remote dump station. Just in case a non-RV-experienced person thinks they might be for potable water storage. :Wow1:
  15. TheRoadie

    WTB: 16X8 6X5.5 spare rim (1 or 2)

    Anybody with an unused rim or two of that size gathering dust near San Diego? Just needed for a spare - I have tires, but my main spare with nice matching Mojave Teflon rim recently went missing. Sigh. Not going to replace it with an expensive one - a cheap one and cable lock this time. Thanks...