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  1. zjsheller

    Trans cooler lines- NO Flow. Aerated fluid...

    Here's my problem. Trans wouldn't shift up in my 96 4.0 ZJ last week and upon pulling the dipstick I discovered aerated fluid in the trans. Fluid levels are OK. Fluid looked and smelled OK (it was changed less than 10k ago). In doing some research I have seen others with a similar problem and...
  2. zjsheller

    SE Oregon, Steens, Alvord Desert

    Headed out on Thursday in the Rain. First photo op is crossing the Willamette river on the Wheatland Ferry. Met with Ryan at the fuel depot in Brooks. From there south on I-5 to 20 and off to our first stop, a quick shift into 4 wheel drive near Detroit Lake. Then over the mountain, past...
  3. zjsheller

    t-max wireless problems

    Anybody out there have a wireless t-max winch? someone tore the antenna out and I cant figure out where the wires go. there is a blue wire, a brown wire, a black wire, and a white wire. there is also another white wire that is shorter than the others and doesn't appear to connect to the plug...
  4. zjsheller

    My Humble ZJ

    Thought I'd post a couple pics of my 96 ZJ. There are some incredible vehicles in this forum.