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  1. bovw

    Ranged Rover models/Decade of Discovery plaque

    I have 2 1:43 RR models, one is the 1983 Paris Dakar and the other is 1979 Paris Dakar. $35 each shipped or both for $60. Also have a Decade of Discovery plaque from 04 with adhesive backing. $35 shipped. Sold
  2. bovw

    VDEG 2.1

    Bought it when they came out, flipped through it and put it on the shelf. Also have Off Roader Driving by Tom Sheppard and the 2005 First Overland reprint. $100 plus shipping. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk 2
  3. bovw

    Wilderness Sport rack for Disco

    Went to a Hannibal on this truck. $300 plus the ride, offers considered.
  4. bovw

    D2 ARB front bumper

    $600 neg, and could use a stock bumper also in the deal. Some scratches, but straight. Does not have the fog light cutouts for 03-04. Located Central VA.
  5. bovw

    D2 ARB bumper

    Seeing that there is not a wanted section I'll post here. I'm looking for a D2 ARB bumper for my wife's truck. Not new is good, Mid Atlantic is better.
  6. bovw

    Cobra 75 WX ST parts?

    Anyone have a line on a parts source? I need the plastic clip on the back of the handset, Cobra doesn't have parts listed, and I haven't heard back from them yet. No luck searching online either.
  7. bovw

    Thinned the heard...

    ...by a Hunter today, rather sad now. Tomorrow, money into the other.:ylsmoke:
  8. bovw

    Magellen explorist 400

    Does anyone use one of these? Not much info on the the search I did, but I'm looking at one with 2005 maps for $75. This would be a starter GPS for me, with mixed off and on road use. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. bovw

    Engle fridge users?

    I have been considering getting one. What are the pro's and con's, any better options?