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    1994 Land Rover Discovery 300TDI UK Spec

    1994 Land Rover Discovery, with only 70k miles. This is a UK import, which means right hand drive. It’s also equipped with the 300tdi engine. Which is known for reliability, unlike the engine that was in the US variant. I’ve just returned from a month +, 8,000 mile trek across the country and...
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    Wandering US in a UK spec Land Rover

    Indeed, I could have easily purchased just about anything else that would make the trek without a hiccup. That doesn’t appeal to me. Part of these adventures for me, is the vehicle itself and actually completing the trip in something interesting. Yes, she loves the Disco more than me I feel. I...
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    Wandering US in a UK spec Land Rover

    I took it to a shop for brakes, because I’m in between a new home build. Living in an apartment/townhome without a garage. I also retired @ 30, so sometimes throwing money at a problem is the easiest solution in my case. But, I will forever be cheap at my core, and paying that much in labor for...
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    Wandering US in a UK spec Land Rover

    Well, to my surprise the Landy arrived on time. The transporting company was great. Definitely a breath of fresh air! I’ve owned a lot of stuff over the years, which has left me pretty numb to new toys. I was actually excited for this old junker to arrive. That excited me kept me from...
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    1995 Toyota Land Cruiser Charlotte,NC

    1995 Toyota Land Cruiser - 243,000 Miles - Leather Interior - Sunroof - Power locks and windows - New starter, battery, alternator, and radiator & oil change. Full disclosure: I purchased this Land Cruiser, with the intent to fully go over everything and have it overland...
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    Wandering US in a UK spec Land Rover

    Little bit of a background: This is long winded! My girlfriend is a teacher, and I’m fortunate enough to have the freedom to do whatever. Which gives us the summer together, to do as we please. The last few years, we’ve really focused on exploring our own country (USA) The move has been...