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    A340F left hand drop low-range transfer case search.

    I recently bought a 1KZ (3 liter turbo diesel) powered 1994 Hiace. To get the better engine, I sacrificed low-range with the “Full-Time 4WD” (AWD) set up that comes with the 1KZ engine. I have an A340F transmission with a left side drop - which seems to be the core problem with just throwing in...
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    Rhino Rack Sunseeker awning woes

    Bought a new Sunseeker a couple months ago. The very first deployment (lunch stop to test it out) the support pole would not retract. I worked literally until I had blisters for 45 minutes trying to get it to retract. Eventually, I just had to take it apart and throw the pole in m roof op box...
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    Accidental new Montero Sport owner.

    Through a combination of halfhearted looking on my part and a bored, retired father, I unknowingly purchased a 2000 Sport XLS/XRS/whatever. I was curious about the full size Monteros - he was excited and didn't know the difference; here we are. So, instead of the mountains of research I...
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    2001 LX 470. 128K $15,500 Nice So Cal truck.

    With the birth of my daughter and my wife no longer working, it is time to cut back on a car payment. As such, I am putting up my 2001 LX 470 with about 128,000 miles on it for sale (I haven't even owned it a year - oh well). It is in nice shape and is the best riding vehicle I have ever been...
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    looking for a rugged lable printer

    This is actually for work, not play, but I know you guys are the ones to ask. I'm looking for a rugged printer that is capable of printing out labels and can stand up to bouncing around. The ones we have been using are dying left and right, but they are typical office units that just aren't up...
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    1995 FZJ80 nicely built and ready to go SOLD

    Sold 1995 Land Cruiser - $9,300 170,000 miles - Southern California truck. The details; - This is a Texas/Southern California truck. Rust free! - Factory lockers - 3rd row seating - ARB bull bar - Warn 12,000 lbs. winch - 4" lift with OME J-shocks - 35" Goodyear MTR's - Castor correction...
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    Portable battery jumper question

    So I have one of those oh-so-handy portable battery jumper box-things. You know, the kind that you plug-in, charge and forget to put back in your truck only on the trips where you end up really needing it. My problem is I have lost the thing to plug it in to the wall to charge it making it a...
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    16" Land Rover wheels (98-04) CHEAP

    16" Land Rover wheels (99-04) CHEAP Hey everyone, I'm selling my 16" wheels from my discovery II for cheap on Craig's List. Restrictions in ad are more relaxed for Expo members. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/pts/1561412663.html
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    Classic awful mechanic making it hard for the good ones

    Bearden Automotive in Austin, TX. I'd strongly suggest avoiding them. I bought my Cruiser from someone in Austin knowing the Birfs needed to be done. I arranged to have the full service done at Beardon, flew out, picked up the Cruiser and dropped it off with them. They told me 2 days. After...
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    Snow chains for 35"ers?

    Does anyone have any recomendations for snow chains for a 315/75/16???? It doesn't look like RUD even makes them.
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    Recovery point, tow jaw?

    I'm planning on removing my trailer hitch from my FZJ80. Now, the majority of the rear bumper is actually the rear frame rail so it is pretty darn strong. It is also pre-drilled to be used for towing purposes in much of the rest of the world. Ideally, I'd like to use these holes for a single...
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    Four used 35" Goodyear MTR's

    Four used 35" Goodyear MTR's - $350 I have four used 315/75/16 (35”) Goodyear MTRs that I am looking to sell. Two of them have 7/16th tread left (about 5/32 off from new), one has 5/16th and one suffered from a poor alignment by the PO and has 3/16th on the outside and 5/16th on the inside...
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    Not really exploring, but I thought I'd share

    For those interested in art/sports, I came across this. I'm going to check it out on the 10th to learn what I can. http://enabledproject.com/
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    Oh ... just humor the idiot - please

    So I have a truely bad *** FZJ80 straight from my dreams; 4" lift sitting on 35's, Winch, ARB bar, sliders, lockers, longfields, etc... The thing is that I don't drive it, hardly ever. It gets 15 MPG and the conservationist in me has real trouble choosing it over my girlfriend's 40 MPG hybrid...
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    Sorry, I wasn't really sure where to put this, but does anyone know of a good (read: cheap) place to pick up Amsoil ATF? I am getting ready to flush my tranny and it requires about 20 quarts :Wow1: to do it fully. Thanks
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    need an air intake tube/hose thing for FZJ80

    I am looking for the air intake hose that goes between the air cleaner (after sensor) to the throttle body. Does anyone know where I can find one used? No luck so far on ih8mud. Thanks
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    inagural 80 trip

    I've owned it, technically, for about a month and a half but I was finally able to get out and test the "new" 80 series this weekend on Cleghorn trail. WOW is all I can say. Parts of the trail are rated an 8, but I'm not sure which parts since "Moby" didn't break a sweat at any point. We...
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    35" tire underneath?

    Is there any way to get a 35" to fit in the stock(ish) spare location on an 80 series? I'm pondering what to do with a spare that size. I don't like the roof rack option because to the weight. I am not thrilled about about a swing-out since my dogs are with me almost everytime I drive it and...
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    anyone in VA area want a big cheap fridge?

    http://www.govliquidation.com/auction/view?id=2602247&convertTo=USD They have a bunch of them starting at $150. If you pick one up, I'll give you $50 + shipping (plus the cost of the fridge, obviously) to mail it to me - really (maybe. Think shipping would be worth it to CA? They are over...
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    Seeking political assylum

    I have defected. I have braved the dangers of betrayal and shifted loyalties - sort of. I never was really a Rover guy, I was a Toyota guy who was talked into a Rover. But that is behind us now. Time for a new beginning. I would like to introduce to you all - Moby I just bought Moby last...