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  1. Jason'sLawnCare

    Heater Selection and Diesel Air Heater Install into Flippac

    In researching how I wanted to heat the Flippac camper I found much information about heater selection and options but not too much information about installing them in pickup based campers. I hope this gives you some ideas. I'd also like to share some of my thought process and research but I...
  2. Jason'sLawnCare

    In Bed Tacoma Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    Hey guys, We are trying to gauge interest for a custom secondary fuel tank that could take the place of or double as a tool box. For more details and specifics check this out http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/2nd-gen-tacomas/136279-feeler-custom-fuel-tank-tool-box-combo.html Please post up if...