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  1. stevegsmith

    ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

    My rolling fridge 1982 300GD 617A 5 cylinder turbo 4 speed auto Otherwise bone-stock Oh, and the air horn ..and the dual Odysseys ..I think that's it. photo #2 and #3 by Karl Volger.
  2. stevegsmith

    Just got back from Moab!

  3. stevegsmith

    Old Man Emu Suspension now Available for the G-Wagon

    Woo hoo!! It's been a while since I've owned a vehicle that can be found in the ARB catalog!! Cool man!
  4. stevegsmith

    O'erlanderwagen build

    So this is where you've been spending most of your posting time. :ylsmoke:
  5. stevegsmith

    Project "Great Basin G"

    Whoa whoa whoa! Jeremy was just the first to SAY something about the orange signals...not the first to notice! :ylsmoke:
  6. stevegsmith

    Purchased an Expedition G Wagen

  7. stevegsmith

    Project G-WAGEN

    Good luck!
  8. stevegsmith

    Project "Great Basin G"

    Nice job. Looks really really nice.
  9. stevegsmith

    OpenROV boys with Land Rover and a 360 degree view video camera.

    Check out these guys. While watching the video, click and drag to see a 360 degree view. http://www.mensjournal.com/adventure/driven/the-diy-explorers-20131001/openrov-immersive-clip Their other video regarding their story and their exploration tool, OpenROV, submersible camera...
  10. stevegsmith

    Land Rover/Mensjournal meets OpenROV - underwater robot

    These guys should be proud. They're great guys living and working in Berkeley and making cool stuff. In fact, they're soo cool that they were lucky enough to get shuttled to their exploration location via the new LR. Why not? Ever wanted to see what was below the surface but didn't feel...
  11. stevegsmith

    G-Wagen Images: Feel the love

    Super nice Bobmog.
  12. stevegsmith

    Clubgwagen and the big sale

    There are some very generous forum members helping him out. I'm sure it adds a wrinkle in the response time for other stuff. Hang in there.
  13. stevegsmith

    The 300.000euro G-Wagen...

    Its pretty cool....even with the colors. The thing that annoys a little, and maybe I'm just jealous (almost certainly), but the guy doesn't appear to be a trained driver. Turns with a hand inside the steering wheel and lifts both hands off the wheel while talking to the camera. Sheesh. Just...
  14. stevegsmith

    G63 6x6

    It's a bit much.....for the private sector...but I have to say that if someone said, "hey, wanna drive it?", I wouldn't say no. More like....."HELL YES!!!!!"
  15. stevegsmith

    G63 6x6

  16. stevegsmith

    Just Arrived in G-Wagen need some help with Thule or Yakima High towers

    Zimm, who are Flex and Wind? Oh...I get it, sorry. The use of the aluminum was specifically designed as a permanent attachment/rack for the columbus (they stay attached to the columbus). I never use them for anything else. I think they would still work though if you had a semisolid platform...
  17. stevegsmith

    Just Arrived in G-Wagen need some help with Thule or Yakima High towers

    Quik-N-Easy underbar fab If you decide to go with the Quik-N-Easy's and want to do the under-bar style mounting like the one pictured above, here's a little more info that may help. I did this to get my Columbus as close to the top of the G as possible. Using Thule's or Yakimas, the rack ends...
  18. stevegsmith

    G-Wagen's "Kings of the Mountain" Star Trails 2011

    Good ole modest Karl. ;-)