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  1. Wes Craiglow

    OZtent Awning Connector

    Brand new. I bought it to attached my Fox Wing to an Oztent RV-3, but then I chose to not buy the RV-3. EXPO PRICE OF $20, PLUS SHIPPING. More info: http://www.oztent.com/oztent-accessories/oztent-awning-connector#.Uxx81-ddWG8 It's also on eBay. Find it here with a pic...
  2. Wes Craiglow

    Announcing the CO Dispatch Newsletter!

    News and Info for Those on the Road Less Traveled As many of you have noticed lately, there is a lot going on over at Central Overland. We had an amazing period of growth through 2010/11, and we're responding by doing all we can to bring you even more in 2012. More events and more featured...
  3. Wes Craiglow

    Maya Rally Questions (But Maybe Not Answers)

    I am building the website for the event, and I'm needing some help writing the FAQ section. So, I'm going to crowdsource the content. (Which for a real FAQ section, is probably how it should go, anyway. ;) ) I can't promise that I'll answer them all, as many things I either don't know, or for...
  4. Wes Craiglow

    HOW-TO: Paperwork Required for a Vehicle Permit in Mexico

    I just returned from a few weeks south of the border, and I thought I'd pass along the latest and greatest for paperwork requirements. Paper Work: Be Successful Getting South of the Border Hope someone gets some help out of this! Wes
  5. Wes Craiglow

    Find the Maya Rally on the Web

    Facebook page is up. Twitter is, too. Website is under construction. It will offer all the details including the schedule of events, information about the challenges, team bios, partner info, and of course, registration access. Please keep an eye turned to www.MayaRally.com for all the...
  6. Wes Craiglow

    MGB2011/12: Central Overland in Central America

    Today marks the first official day of a fantastic three-week adventure! We invite you to stay tuned for stories, travel tips, and tons of photos and videos from throughout our travels in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. We'll be doing our best to drop in here for updates, but the website is...
  7. Wes Craiglow

    Install How-To: Upper Control Arms, 100/470 Models

    Forgive me for the condition of my truck. Sorry it's dirty. Was out in the woods last week and did nothing more than hose it off after coming back. All that redness is good ole Arkie clay, not rust. Hope it didn't mess up the photos too badly. -----------------------------------------------...
  8. Wes Craiglow

    FS: 2001 Tacoma SR5 TRD, Central Overland Flagship Truck

    --------------------SOLD--------------------- I'm literally on the verge of tears, you guys. (Maybe that's the wine. :sombrero: ) No matter, I don't want to do this. I have a growing family and I need a back seat. But that doesn't make it easy... Home Turf Price: $13,000, or Best...
  9. Wes Craiglow

    Video: National Luna Weekender 50 Fridge/Freezer

    Central Overland was fortunate enough to have Ben Edmonson from Equipt Expedition Exchange with us on the trail during the Trans-Ouachita 2011 trip. I stole a moment during lunch to have him show us around the amazing new 50 liter National Luna Weekender fridge/freezer. Check it out! National...
  10. Wes Craiglow

    Ozark Recon, 27FEB2011

    Just cross-posting from over on CO. Great day in the central states! Report and pics begin on Page Three. Short vid in production now. Enjoy!
  11. Wes Craiglow

    Texas Hill Country (Feb 18-20, 2011)

    Alrighty, everyone, feel free to fill these pages with your stories and photos from the first CO trip of 2011. Wish I could've been there to enjoy it with y'all. :( Can't wait to hear all about it! wc
  12. Wes Craiglow

    Ozark Mtns, Nov 2010: "100 Meters at a Time"

    The Route Illinois River watershed, Big Piney watershed, Richland Creek watershed, and the Buffalo National River watershed Another excellent trip here in the Central States, and was designed scout new areas so as to ensure that follow-on ExPo group trips are as exceptional as possible. Get...
  13. Wes Craiglow

    First Detailed National Map of Land-Cover Released

    The most detailed national vegetation U.S. land-cover map to date was released today by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). "These data are critical for determining the status of biodiversity, as baseline data for assessing climate change impacts, and for predicting the availability of habitat...
  14. Wes Craiglow

    01 Taco PS Reservoir "Screen/Filter" Cleaning: Help?

    Due to an increasingly-loud whine, I ran my Taco by my trusted mechanic to have a new PS pump tossed on it this morning. He tells me it's not the pump, but the reservoir. Says there's a little fine mesh screen near the delivery line which is designed to filter out sludge, etc, and that over...
  15. Wes Craiglow

    Almost a HAM.... Maybe.

    Tech test tomorrow. I'm pretty nervous. **puke** Wish me luck.
  16. Wes Craiglow

    Ouachita Natty Forest, Apr 17, 2010

    So we're putting together another group run. If you haven't heard about it yet, drop by here and check out the details. True to form for an Army officer, I wouldn't think of leading a group into the woods without a recon. Here's that story. Enjoy. Route From Hot Springs National Park...
  17. Wes Craiglow

    (More) Ouachita Natty Forest, Feb 13/14, 2010

    Still needing to recon the southern sections of the trail for the group run, I set off out of Hot Springs late Saturday and headed north, hoping to make Plainview via USFS roads by mid-afternoon on Sunday. Today's Route I grabbed a quick night's rest at Lake Ouachita State Park. I...
  18. Wes Craiglow

    Snow in Arkansas! 1/29-31/2010

    So I made a quick run today because it snowed enough to actually cover the ground. (Around here, that's a pretty big deal.) Really just a teaser for me, though, as tomorrow morning my g/f, the dogs and I are headed up into the Ozark Natty Forest to continue to recon'ing for the Central...
  19. Wes Craiglow

    NATO/Scepters in Factory Spare Location?

    I seem to remember seeing a build thread for a metal cage/shelf which held two NATO cans in a truck's spare tire factory location (under truck bed behind bumper). I might be interested in trying this with my Tacoma, but I'm interested in the ensuing pros/cons from that fella's build. I have...
  20. Wes Craiglow

    01/15/10: WWII Barracks Area, Camp Robinson, AR

    Nothing major today, just a fun day out with the dogs. Didn't even plan it, actually; I just figured it would be a nice "long way" home after my VA appt in Little Rock. Here's my route (just under 30 miles total) Came up from main gate in the North Little Rock area, cruised around the old...