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  1. Wes Craiglow

    OZtent Awning Connector

    Sold. Thank you all. wc
  2. Wes Craiglow

    OZtent Awning Connector

    Pending sale.
  3. Wes Craiglow

    OZtent Awning Connector

    Brand new. I bought it to attached my Fox Wing to an Oztent RV-3, but then I chose to not buy the RV-3. EXPO PRICE OF $20, PLUS SHIPPING. More info: http://www.oztent.com/oztent-accessories/oztent-awning-connector#.Uxx81-ddWG8 It's also on eBay. Find it here with a pic...
  4. Wes Craiglow

    Horrendous Customer Service - Wild Boar

    Read Kurt's input. http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/38720-Wild-Boar-RTT?p=565252#post565252 Do I detect a theme here? wc
  5. Wes Craiglow

    Video: National Luna Weekender 50 Fridge/Freezer

    Frank, Great to hear from you! I hope you and Selene are well. Glad to hear you like the fridge. It's a nice one, for sure. You're still holding a raincheck for an adventure south of the border, brah! Emily and I are thinking our next one will be a three-week Baja / Barrancas del Cobre...
  6. Wes Craiglow

    Antique Land Cruiser on the road since 2003

    Excellent input and just what I needed to hear! Thanks so much, Coen!
  7. Wes Craiglow

    Expedition West Tacoma DEPOSIT IN HAND

    Deserves to be at the top. This truck inspired what I would guess to be, literally, thousands of builds. First there was BajaTaco, and then there was this. The next loving owner is out there. Best of luck! wc
  8. Wes Craiglow

    Rookies on the Rubicon

    Great thread! Thanks so much for taking the time to document so thoroughly. Great writing, to boot! Makes me curious if a 4.88 fully-locked Hundy on 315s with lots of armor could do it. Width is my concern... Would I be the first? :victory: wc
  9. Wes Craiglow


    Spresso and Bill, My Hundy tips the scale at about 7800lbs loaded. Based on what I'm hearing from you two, the ATIIs just don't like that sort of weight. Bottom line, would you buy them again? Thanks, fellas. wc
  10. Wes Craiglow

    Hella 4000 Rallye lights with euro beam pattern, wire harness with switch and covers

    Ran a set of these for several years. Loved them completely. Good luck on the sale!
  11. Wes Craiglow

    Antique Land Cruiser on the road since 2003

    Super advice, mapper. You've inspired me to keep and adapt my Coleman. Thanks! Curious what form of fuel is easiest to find in South America? I read from a lot of people that it's propane, but here I see liquid fuel in use. Coen?
  12. Wes Craiglow

    Antique Land Cruiser on the road since 2003

    Coen, I am considering upgrading from the white gas stove you show in this photo (which has served me well for 10+ years) to a propane model. Primarily, this is for speed and convenience. What is has your experience been finding fuel for your stove while traveling, and what, if any...
  13. Wes Craiglow

    Expedition West Tacoma DEPOSIT IN HAND

    ^^This. I bought Christo Slee's personal Land Cruiser (LX470) for this very reason. Not too many people have the skills it takes to build to this level. When the chance comes around to buy one, jump on it. I did, and after fifteen years of researching and tinkering on other trucks, I don't...
  14. Wes Craiglow

    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    That's a pretty cool idea! It would be hinged so as to simply flip back in when done, eh? I think that sort of thing would sell like hotcakes to RTT owners. Me? I like mine the way it is. Nice shower mat, nice little table, and nice front porch. Bonus: it looks good with the wooden...
  15. Wes Craiglow

    Completing the Continental Divide Trail

    Now I wanna go find some sinkholes to challenge! Great report, and the FJ looks super! wc
  16. Wes Craiglow

    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    Y'all seen this one yet? Might only be relevant to the Eezi-Awn, but surely something can done for other models of tent, too. http://centraloverland.com/2013/05/this-shower-mat-is-a-jack-of-all-trades/
  17. Wes Craiglow

    Family Trip Colorado July 2013

    Great thread and pics! Thanks for sharing the story. Crazy coincidence? We were in Tride the same time as you guys. I remember the landslide. We had to take Last Dollar Road up and out because the highway was closed. What a rainstorm, eh? Safe travels! wc
  18. Wes Craiglow

    Project Hundy Build Thread - 2000 UZJ100 Land Cruiser

    Artist: Phantogram Track: When I'm Small Album: Eyelid Movies Hope this helps!
  19. Wes Craiglow

    Project Hundy Build Thread - 2000 UZJ100 Land Cruiser

    Great video. http://centraloverland.com/2013/07/build-a-100-series-land-cruiser-in-a-day/ Keep the info coming! It's a beenfit to us all. :)