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  1. cowboy4x4

    Ford 4x4 front end

    I have a Ford 2002 F250 4x4 front end 373 gears complete. I was going to use this on my mini mod but I no longer have it... $500.00 this is located in yorba linda CA 92886
  2. cowboy4x4

    fuse location help

    Does anyone know the exact location of the fuse for a 1998 E350 aux powee outlet does not work. it is the top one on the dash panel. Ihave checked online but cannot seem to find anyone with direct kknowledge. they give me a number and so on but I have no book for ref.... need help a pic would...
  3. cowboy4x4

    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    Ok..... so there has been a plot twist in my Ambo mini mod build.... The HOA won out as I cannot do any major work where I live and I tried everything possible to figure a way to make it work but to no avail... no go.So with that being said I picked up this 1998 Ford E350 quigly with a V10...
  4. cowboy4x4

    Metal detectors for sale.... Mine-Lab

    For sale... two identical Mine-Lab Xterra 705 metal detectors both are in perfect condition they have only been used a couple of times. Each one has a set of earphones that go with the unit. They collapse or come apart very easily for transport or shipping and extremely light weight. Not much...
  5. cowboy4x4

    2007 Toyota FJ cruiser

    For Sale..... 2007 Toyota FJ cruiser, 55K mileage,OME lift kit, 33" tires 17" aluminum rims, custom front and rear bumpers, custom light bar, stock roof rack, V6, auto trans, Toyota off road package, custom rear interior gear rack. Safari snorkel. The gear on/in the FJ is NOT included this is...
  6. cowboy4x4

    2001 ambo mini mod Ford 7.3 diesel

    **SOLD**Up for sale is my 2001 Ford E350 mini mod ambo with the 7.3 diesel. The original ambulance company mechanic said they put a new or rebuilt engine in at 300K there is 394K showing on the speedo right now. I have no way to verify this as the records on the ambo were/are supposedly...
  7. cowboy4x4

    Off road cargo trailer for sale... SOLD...

    SOLD.........I have a build thread here in the trailer section for more pics. The camping gear does not go with the trailer, the two water cans on the tongue do go with the trailer. $4,000.00 This is a build in progress I'm continuing to upgrade PM for price Thomas....
  8. cowboy4x4

    Off road cargo trailer for sale

    I hate to do it but my off road cargo trailer is for sale. fully insulated, carpeted on the interior sleeping area, shelves for clothes bags or whatever, side door has pull down shade, 3" foam mattress pad, kitchen area has shelves and counter top. The camping gear is not included I just did not...
  9. cowboy4x4

    Ford van side sliders/bumpers

  10. cowboy4x4

    Cowboy 4X4 ambulance mini mod build

    I have acquired a new vehicle for my next project.. I will be picking this up in a couple of days..... I can't wait.
  11. cowboy4x4

    Ford van sliding door ext.

    Hello... does anyone have a clear/good shot of a slider door that has been modified on the ford, mine is an 2001. Iv'e heard its been done but have seen no pictures showing how or what was done.... Thanks in advance.
  12. cowboy4x4

    Coyote Flats

    We planned for a week long adventure and coyote flats was the first three days of our adventure. Here are some photo's. When we arrived at the top there were some scattered clouds but we thought nothing of it. once we set up camp at Funnel lake a freak storm blew in and we were pelted with...
  13. cowboy4x4

    8 lug wheel spacers for van

    I have these listed in the for sale section here in case any of you are looking to widen the back track on your 4x4 van $130.00
  14. cowboy4x4

    8 lug wheel spacers

    I have two 8 lug wheel spacers billet aluminum, they are two inches thick they are 8x170 to 8x170 the studs are 2 1/4 long these are hub centric spacers (the best) I had these on my Ford F350 dually because I was running bigger dual tires they can go on a dually or a van 4x4 conversion on the...
  15. cowboy4x4

    C.A.R.B. fuel can spout modification

    So I dont know about anyone else but I dislike the carb can spouts on fuel cans. So here is a modification that can be done in 5 min. NOTE; Disclaimer If you do the modification your spout will no longer be carb compliant and you cannot put the pieces back in. I take no responsibility if you...
  16. cowboy4x4


    this folding/bed bench seat can be mounted in any brand of van. It bolts through the floor, I've had it in two different vans. One was mounted left to right and the other was front to rear like you see here. It is dark blue in color good condition, I have no idea what brand it is, the seat belts...
  17. cowboy4x4

    Cowboy 4x4 off road CT build

    Well I sold my other off road trailer and started a new one. This will be a 5x5x8 enclosed cargo trailer turned into an off road capable trailer. It will get raised up, doors, windows, back door will open from the top, kitchen will be at the back, roof rack, firewood rack, modified tongue...
  18. cowboy4x4

    crappy wedco water cans

    Talk about poor quality and poor customer service. One year after using my cans I noticed the water was looking a little "colored" so I checked inside the wedco water cans and they are rusted out inside. Now I know the rust wont hurt you, people who have gavly pipes in their homes drink rusty...
  19. cowboy4x4

    Firefly Offroad Trailer

    As some people may be aware I am in the middle of designing an enclosed offroad trailer. I am not a vendor here yet I'm trying to get an idea of the interest. I will list the size and all the options and then what I'm planning on selling them for "IF" the response seems good. I want this to be...
  20. cowboy4x4

    Treasure Hunting

    Mods, can you start a new forum or sub forum for treasure hunting/metal detecting. I would think there are a few of us on here that do one or both and it would be great to hook up with fellow treasure hunters here Thanks. Thomas (cowboy4x4)