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  1. bernardbarbour

    Oh my, what have I done?

    Several months ago I finished a trip down the Pan American Highway in my trusty Toyota Tundra "Levi". The trip lasted almost a year and was excellent. Mexico, all of Central America and most of South America. However when I got to Colombia, I found the most beautiful Land Rover Santana I've ever...
  2. bernardbarbour

    Central America, it's a wrap. Around the Darien we go!

    It's been about 100 days since we've left America, Tennessee. Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and now Panama. We've volunteered, building houses, helping feed children, played tourist at many Mayan ruins. Swam with shakes, sea turtles, sting rays and have spoken with...
  3. bernardbarbour

    We made it to Cancun

    Resting up here a bit before we cross over into Belize on Sunday. Meanwhile here are a few pics to enjoy. You can follow the full story here@ Tales of the Pan American Highway. http://centralamericaoverlandexpeditions.com
  4. bernardbarbour

    100 days to Ushuaia?

    Has anyone attempted to make it from anywhere USA all the way to Ushuaia in 100 days? I think it would make a great reality show :ylsmoke:
  5. bernardbarbour

    Belize to Panama

    Hello All, we are starting out Trans Central America Overland Expedition today. I guess I should be getting some sleep, but tomorrow is going to be an easy drive. Here's the plan. We are driving from Placencia Belize to the Panama Canal. We are in no rush but kinda do want to back home (Florida)...
  6. bernardbarbour

    Expedition to Belize

    Hey ya'll ! We're going back to Belize. Our 4 month expedition through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala in 2012 was so much fun we decided to go back. We're driving from Augusta, Ga starting April 2nd and will take out time meandering through Mexico with a final destination of Placencia, Belize...
  7. bernardbarbour

    My 80 is more Eco Friendly than a Prius !

    No lie, and my Solar Powered Clothes Dryer also keeps the brush from whipping my windshield and snorkel. LOL Hey ya'll I do a lot of bush wheeling here in Georgia. I got tired of my windshield and snorkel taking a beating. So I went to the local Tractor supply store and got some gear to make a...