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    Pelican Case + EO2 Mounting System

    For those of you that might be interested, I posted my (EO)2 Fastener final review on the blog today. You can find it here: http://www.livingoverland.com/2014/10/review-eo2-fastener-final-review.html
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    Pelican Case + EO2 Mounting System

    I have found unlatching is simple. I have had their bottom rail and hard case mounted to our Subaru Outback's factory rails for testing. All you have to do is unlock the SnapTop Rail (if fitted with a lock) and push up on the outside edge of the item. The SnapTop Rail has a pivot side and a...
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    Wildlife Photography

    I spent a couple of hours Sunday morning out at one of our area wildlife viewing spots. Goldeneye Sunrise by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr High Stepping by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    Not to go off-topic, but these are great tables; we have one that we use for all of our cooking classes!
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    No refrigeration needed

    How about a quick 'No Refrigeration' recipe? How about a recipe where the ingredients don't need to be refrigerated and the after everything is mixed, can be chilled in a stream? Chia Seed Pudding with Strawberry Compote by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr Ingredients (Pudding) 4 tablespoons chia...
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    drawer for stove

    While I cannot discuss the propane side, as we run liquid fuel, I would think you would want to remove the 1lb bottles during transportation. For that matter, I would think you would always want to disconnect your fuel source, or close the fuel valve on larger tanks. Here is Paul May's sweet...
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    The black and white thread (film or digital)

    Cool photo, what are they?
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    what happened to Overland Gourmet ?

    They started their website/store, and named it Overland Gourmet, after I started my blog (originally called 'The Overland Gourmet'); I then changed our blog to Living Overland after all of the confusion.
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    I don't know how I missed this photo the first time through. Very cool! It could easily be used for a 'Visit Montana' advertisement. Nice work. :coffeedrink:
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    Thank you, you are too kind.
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    The black and white thread (film or digital)

    Colorado National Monument by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr Camping near Kodachrome Basin State Park by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    Camping near Kodachrome Basin State Park - Utah First Light by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr
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    Random RIG Shots

    Wyota884's Nicely equipped FZJ80 traveling down Cottonwood Canyon Road - Utah by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr Crossing Cedar Wash by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr
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    5 gal water bottles

    Wicked, thank you!!!
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    5 gal water bottles

    The LCI lids will interchange with the Scepter lids - Made to the same spec. http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/48159-LC-Industries-Water-Can-Pics?p=880992#post880992 I have had one new Reliance 'Jumbotainer' leak on me after the third day of a five-day 600 miles trip across...
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    Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.

    Sunrise along Soda Butte Creek Sunrise along Soda Butte Creek - Yellowstone National Park. The air temperature was hovering near -27F when the sun made its way over 'The Thunderer' Mountain and shone down on Soda Butte Creek
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    Teardrop Recommendations

    How is the system working?
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    The $5.00 Dollar, Dollar Store Solar Oven.

    I might have missed it in your blog, what was the ambient air temp while you were cooking? I agree, more people should utilize solar cooking, when they are afforded the opportunity for clear skies and no wind. We have a Global Sun Oven and it works well, unless it is windy - like it is much of...