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    Note: If you come here the inspections are ridiculous. Ensure you have stock parts on stand by. I had to drop my 4" lift down to stock, put stock wheels on and a stock bumper. Got it inspected then put my mods back on.
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    Thought about getting Tacoma, then a Wrangler, now not so sure..

    Didn't read through all of the replies. I just went from a 2010 Tacoma DC to a 2012 four door JKRU. I honestly have pro's and con's with both that equal out. I miss the bed space to haul rocks, lumber, equipment, etc. in the Tacoma. But, I love the fact that I can do a simple google search...
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    Guess not. Well, I'm here. If anyone else is "fortunate" enough to spend some time in this "beautiful" country with their off road vehicles, PM me or post or e-mail...whatever...just get a hold of me. I'm just going to drive around until I find something. If worse comes to worst then I will...
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    Is there any decent places to go around here? I've seen a couple of modded out Defenders, a Toyota Land Cruiser with an abundance of ARB parts, a couple Middle Eastern men in lifted Wranglers (I think they were more for show than anything). I know there's plenty of desert down south but I was...