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    project trailer "service body" asking 1000.00 WA State

    here are some before and after pictures as of now it has a tunnel for the forward compartment, new floor of 16 ga steel no wheel bearings, new jacks i am located 30 miles north of seattle my number is 425-341-1500 ask for Steve
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    selling my trailer

    if your up in wa state i am selling my work in process trailer we have decided to build a light weight trailer this fall/winter we are thinking 1100 is fair if you are interested give us a a call might be willing to accept a lower price if the offer is rig Steve Gay 425-341-1500 and no i can't...
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    Spice Rack

    impressive setup i am hoping to have pictures posted soon of my boondocker its a tin can right now. we are planning a data ata friends work show who can make cabinets
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    recomdations for android GPS Apps

    I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 I would like to start using this in my adventuring but i have noticed if i am not tethered for data the mapping software will not work so anyone know of a real mapping solution
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    Spice Rack

    I know this is a bit far fetched, but has anyone made a special spot in there camping trailers for carrying their spices? I have an appointment Friday with our friends Cabinet shop Were we are working together to build cabinets For our cookware, as well as our pantries were in the process of...
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    Overlanding with k-9 companions.

    just have to add my 2 cents here as far as taking the fur kids camping and offroading. For the most part our dog stay right with those whom we are camping except the occasional wandering off to go potty or getting into trouble while there exploring. As long as we give them plenty of room in the...
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    Boondocking Northwest Washington

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for great locations for boomdocking up in Northwest Washington area pref off of Highway 20 area. Abandoned mining sites and ghost towns are definitely not out of the question.
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    DIY Firestarters

    My DIY fire Starter is just like said above with the wax but we will soak pine wood shavings
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    Camp Chef 2 burner Oven

    I'm thinking I'd like to get about $100 out of the stove plus shipping
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    Camp Chef 2 burner Oven

    I am up in the PNW " Washington state" just north of Seattle
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    Interior and exterior lighting

    wow that is bright i might upset the neighbors if we are in a camp ground LOL the switches at great i will have to do some ordering on payday
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    Propane Plumbing Question

    i am tired of lugging tanks around so i think i could just plumb them all would this work using just one LP regulator or do i need to build a distribution hub up and run a single line to each appliance here is out equipment needs 2 stoves 1 BBQ 1 Shower the distribution unit is not my design...
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    Interior and exterior lighting

    are those bright enough? that is my only concern i just recently bought some Flashlights at Costco "still in packages though"
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    Interior and exterior lighting

    i have been looking a lot on eBay and no in no hurry. we generally do not do our first trip until Memorial Day weekend we might go early thing year though all depending on if i can get the carpentry work done. here is what caught my eye so far just need the bosses approval and still looking...
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    Interior and exterior lighting

    I am looking for a cheaper solution for trailer lights. I have 5 cabinets and 1 main storage i woudl like to lite with LED's I have also recently replaced the non working 4" back up lights with LEDs backup lights for rear work lights i just need some sort of work lights on the side of my...
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    My Camping Trailer Project

    where did you get these LED lights i am looking for something like this for my trailers work lights and cabinet lights thanks
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    Camp Chef 2 burner Oven

    I have camp chef 2 burner oven that we bought at Costco a few years back that we are looking to sell we are willing to ship but this thing is heavy so keep that in mind would like to get something out of if throw me a number and lets talk if you are a scout master or a troop leader let me know...
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    Camping - Firewood Gathering Tools

    this couldn't be a better time for this thread. at the end of last season, we sadly lost our double bladed axe by snapping the handle off we are looking at the Eastwing Camping Axe http://www.estwing.com/ao_campers_axe_long_handle.php
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    i though we winterized our rig fairly well but i have a lot of condensation on the inside of the trailer in the main compartment anyone have any thoughts
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    shake down trip

    the pole mounts are flag pole mounts i got for less than 15 at home depot if and one wants details how to build this PM me and i can give you close up pictures think the whole buget minus the beer was less than 35 for it