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    AEV Prospector XL Flatbed Adventure Rig

    Having traveled and camped in several Tacomas, we’ve been through various iterations of home-made campers. In 2018/2019 we made the decision that full size truck and a Four Wheel Camper was the best choice to gain more livability while still preserving functionality and the ability to get off...
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    FS: (SF Bay Area) 2016+ Toyota Tacoma ICON stage 6 suspension - Custom valved for four wheel camper

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I had planned to build my 2017 Tacoma with a Four Wheel Camper for my wife and I to quit our jobs and travel the Pan American Highway for a year. Before we built the vehicle, we ended up purchasing a Dodge Ram AEV Prospector XL and will be doing a flatbed FWC instead. In...
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    FS: (Bay Area) Tacoma 2016+ SS Brakelines SOLD

    Front and rear stainless steel brakelines from Wheeler's off-road for a 2016+ Tacoma. Color is black. Brake lines are good for up to a 2in lift. Front...
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    Hema vs Gaia

    I know this might be a contentious topic and previous discussed within some of the threads on here, but it would be great to get a thread going for some discussion on the pros and cons of each. Why people have chosen Gaia or Hema for their needs and why did you chose it? In the context for North...
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    FS: (SF Bay Area) Tacoma 3rd Gen Snugtop Topper with Sleeping Platform & Extras

    Location: Santa Cruz, CA Description: Snugtop Sport HiLiner truck topper for 5ft bed 3rd gen tacoma, white. Topper is carpeted, lighted, and includes a driver side sliding window w/pet screen and passenger side flip open window for easy access of inside. Includes carpeted plywood sleeping...
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    WTB Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed

    Looking for a Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed camper. If you are considering letting go of yours, please contact me. Thanks, Spencer