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    WTB Smittybit Scout

    Very curious to see your opinions on the Scout. I've also been eyeing it and like yourself would like to see one in the flesh.
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    Opinions Solicited......Another Head Scratching Mid Size Truck Choice Thread

    I knew that a new Ranger was coming soon but I went ahead and got this one due to the big discounts available on the 2019 models right now. This truck is already better than anything else I drove and with almost $12k off sticker it was a better bargain to boot. Will the new Ranger be better...
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    Opinions Solicited......Another Head Scratching Mid Size Truck Choice Thread

    Has the OP made a decision yet? I recently fielded this same dilemma and ended up with an FX4 Ranger in my driveway. Recent experience: A bit over a year ago I bought a completely loaded brand new 2018 Nissan Pro4X crew cab. Here's a photo of it in its natural habitat. Note it still has...
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    2003 Montero: Keep, Trade for 4Runner, or ???

    Actually already picked up a set of Wrangler take off wheels and tires with 255/70/17 Yokohamas (I couldn't stand the factory chrome Overland wheels. Way too chromy for me) Mine has the Upcountry suspension (factory 1" lift) and I'll be installing a 2.5" front/2" rear BB next weekend and I...
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    2003 Montero: Keep, Trade for 4Runner, or ???

    Final update: Montero is gone, replaced by 2004 Grand Cherokee Overland with the 4.7 HO V8. After driving more of the 4Runner and GX470s the V8 in them just didn't quite satisfy. Drove some 4.7 Grand Cherokees and they were OK but the HO version kicks it pretty good. Solid axles front and...
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    So I drove an LR3 today....

    I've been looking for "something else" to replace my Montero for a couple of months now and I agree, it's difficult to find something that checks all the same boxes. At first I was convinced that a V8 4Runner would be just the ticket after reading the glowing owner reviews and constant comments...
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    Alpine 9 inch touchscreen install

    Moving the AUTOMATIC climate controls is easy. If you have the manual controls, I've read that they are a real pain.
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    2003 Montero: Keep, Trade for 4Runner, or ???

    A bit of an update: I've now driven 2 GX470s and 2 4Runners, all with the V8. I still want to try a V6 4Runner. Initial impressions are that the V8 is not as strong as I was expecting. Stronger than the Montero V6 certainly, but I guess I was expecting more torque akin to my 351 powered...
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    Monty the 3rd Gen Montero

    How did your truck fare off road compared to the gen 2.5? I'm still deciding whether to kit out my 2003 Montero or get something else (was leaning toward a 4Runner but the 2 I've driven didn't particularly impress. Gonna look at the GX470)
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    Bye bye monty

    Post where you are located. There may be someone on here who would like to get it as a project. Edit: DOH! Just saw you had it listed in the For Sale section If you weren't literally on the other side of the country I'd probably get it just for the OME suspension. Link for you and GLWS...
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    Bye bye monty

    How many miles were on it? I always heard these transmissions were solid. Good Luck with whatever you decide.
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    Crankshaft pulley bolt

    I recently updated mine with the bolt and washer. I didn't see a lot of difference between the original and the replacement washer, but decided I'd gladly spend the devil out of the $8 for the new washer to not have to do it again.
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    2003 Montero: Keep, Trade for 4Runner, or ???

    Thanks for all the input guys. I'm going to go out and drive them all just to see if there's anything about them that "clicks" with me, but try to keep an open mind and not fall for the new hot chick when everything I need is already at home. Knowing my current Montero's history is a big plus...
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    2003 Montero: Keep, Trade for 4Runner, or ???

    I thought the 4Runner 4x4 system was similar? My understanding was that the 4x4 system between the V6 and the V8 was basically the same with the V8 being AWD all the time. The V6 system can be driven in 4x4 on the road and has a button to lock the center diff for off road. I haven't went to...
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    2003 Montero: Keep, Trade for 4Runner, or ???

    So I have a 2003 Montero Limited that I bought in 2003. Basically stock. It has been nothing short of a stellar vehicle as far as reliability goes (15+ years, 145k miles, and non-routine maintenance costs have been a tensioner, a solenoid, and the updated crank pulley bolt/washer. <$100)). Now...
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    The War Rig build thread. '03 Montero Limited

    I really like what you're doing with your rig. Any updates on the engine? Also, which Android head unit is that?
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    Mitsubishi Montero 2005 Gen III - experience with a remanufactured engine

    What was the cost of your engine? If you don't want to post it in the forum, could you PM it to me? Thanks!
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    Starting the all Bronco thread!!! Post'em!

    Here is my 1990 My home built tire carrier Mods are: 351W with Edelbrock EFI intake, headers, and RV cam 4" Rancho lift with extended radius arms 4.56 gears Rear Detroit Locker Front Detroit TrueTrac 35x12.50 Cooper STT tires on 15x10 Mickey Thompson Sidebiter 2 rims 12k winch in...
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    Decision: 99 Montero vs 2004 Outback

    Outback: Check head gaskets for leaks on the bottom. The 2000-2005 series of 2.5 engines had head gasket issues. Some vehicles never experience it. If it does it's a $2500 repair at the dealer. Other than that it's a +300k vehicle. Montero: At $2000, that person is trying to rob you and is a...