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  1. luthj

    Fridge Controller for Danfoss/SECOP powered fridges/freezers

    We have a Danfoss/Secop based fridge/freezer in our van (Common to isotherm, vitrifrigo, truckfridge, indelB etc). Like most is was delivered with a garbage mechanical thermostat that kinda guessed at the freezer temp. We had to adjust winter/summer to keep the freezer cold enough, and it...
  2. luthj

    Building a Micro-Split AC System

    Initial work on this subject is over here. The short of it, I am trying to build a Split AC system in the ~5,000btu range. Limited space, cost, and running occasionally from battery power drove me towards...
  3. luthj

    Recycling Lithium Ion Batteries, An Emerging Market

    An interesting read about the economic opportunities recycling/reusing end of life EV batteries. Apparently one of the big markets is grid storage (and semi-off grid/backup). Not so much in the USA, but in developing countries where reliable grid power is not available, but the low cost of...
  4. luthj

    Compact Galley/kitchenettes

    I spotted this over on the sprinter forum. These compact kitchen/galleys for vans look like a nice product. A bit pricey at 1500$, but very functional I think.
  5. luthj

    Exploring New Zealand From the Left.

    Back in 2017 and 2018 we shipped our Van to Australia and then New Zealand. The first part is written up in the thread below. The second part, our New Zealand travels has not been posted here. Over the...
  6. luthj

    DIY Lithium Packs, Proposal and Discussion

    I have been considering a DIY LiFe battery pack for my van. Something in the 200-400AH range @ 12V. Quality cells seem to be available from CALB, Fortune (frey) etc. A user on ExPo recently ordered 16 100ah cells factory direct from Frey. Only $1600 delivered, and came with factory test...
  7. luthj

    Rebuilding Fox 2.0 Shock

    Greetings, Many van owners have discovered the improved ride offered by the Fox 2.0 series shocks over many OEM and aftermarket options. I had a hard time finding a good photo essay of a 2.0 rebuild, so here goes. Recently one of my rears blew a seal. Its been seeping slightly for about 18...
  8. luthj

    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    Greetings and happy new year. After pursuing several other avenues, I have narrowed in on a 4WD conversion approach for my 2004 T1N sprinter. The Sprinter presents some unique challenges. It is a unibody, and uses McPherson strut front end. Instead of coil springs, it uses a transverse...
  9. luthj

    Framework for Inexpensive Off Grid Aux Electrical

    Hey folks. A friend of mine asked for some advice on a basic electrical setup for a medium sized off-grid type vehicle. The major concerns were high value, reliable components, and Simple configuration. The components listed below have either been used/installed by myself, or have good...
  10. luthj

    Lifeline Batteries: Long Term Review and Capacity Test

    Here is some data on my Lifeline battery bank. Specs: 2x GPL-8D 255x2=510AH Wired for 12V Charged by 640W solar array and outback controller Charged by Alternator fed with 2/0 and 4/0 cable (~13.9V, later modified to 14.2). I did a capacity test today. As I didn’t feel like spending 8 hours...
  11. luthj

    Transfer Case Selection, Feedback?

    Hey ladies and gents. I am in the planning phase of a 4WD conversion for my sprinter. I have been looking at commonly used Jeep transfer cases which mate to a NAG1 (Jeep cherokee/ late wrangler). For those with 4WD vans, what are your thoughts on low range ratios? 2.72:1 is pretty common...
  12. luthj

    NAG1/722.6/W5A580 Transfer Case Questions

    Hey folks. I am not a jeep owner, but I am working out a plan to convert my early Sprinter to 4x4. Being that my van uses the NAG1, I am looking at options for NAG1 variants with integral transfer cases (Jeeps). I was hoping to find some information on these applications. Thanks in advance...
  13. luthj

    Lead Acid 50% DOD Limit; Rule or Myth

    Greetings. I have a fair amount of experience with lead acid deep cycle batteries in vehicle and PV systems (fork lifts, golf carts, small EVs, etc). I have seen/heard the following truism for as long as I can remember. "Don't discharge your lead acid batteries below 50% ever" I believe...
  14. luthj

    Alternator Voltage Boost Modification

    This technique will work on most any alternator. I did it to a Bosch Internal fan type alternator, which is a very common model, used in cars, trucks, and some heavy equipment. Some background reading
  15. luthj

    Exploring Australia From The Left

    Hey folks. At the end of last year, we complete a 11 month adventure in Australia. We kept a blog of our travels, and it is my plan to recount it here over the next few weeks. Some background. We got introduced to overland traveling after working for an airline. Ironic isn't it? We could...
  16. luthj

    Overland Sprinter Build

    As I am nearly at the conclusion of my 2 year build out, I thought it would be fun/useful to cross post some of my sprinter build out over here. A lot of the little details are available in the build logs here.