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  1. J!m

    So... who was that new company trying to make Defenders now that JLR dropped the ball?

    Looking for a web site or other info. I thought I had seen one but it may have been an article from a third party or something. A little help?
  2. J!m

    Optimizing your pack: weight distribution.

    Spurred on by some synaptic activity in another thread, it seemed like a good idea... Face it: most of us carry too much stuff. We might even use it now and again, but it can literally be TONS of stuff. So, some background first. In 2001 I was part of “Vintage Rovers Across Africa” who spent...
  3. J!m

    So... what do we think?

    JLR had hinted in the past they might re-start Camel Trophy. Based on their current financial situation, do you think they can pull it off? If they did it, they’d probably use their new Defender. Do you think that could do it? And since cigarette companies are forbidden to sponsor sporting...
  4. J!m

    Michelin XZL. Real world feedback?

    Hello everyone. I’m considering Michelin XZLs as my next tire on my Defender. Currently I have the BFG MT KO and they are fine but a touch wide. I’m thinking the 8.25X16 size would be about perfect. Anyone have any feedback on them? Typically 7.50X16 is the suggested size but the 8.25 is...
  5. J!m

    New beam axle options?

    So, I’ve been looking around and other than the Jeep Wrangler and the Suzuki Jimny, are there any other options with beam axles and low range?
  6. J!m

    Any first-hand experience with Triple Aught Design (TAD)?

    As the title says- stuff looks good on their site but I’d like some first hand feedback if anyone uses them. Also alternate vendors you are happy with. Thanks!
  7. J!m

    Modern/“vintage” lighting options

    Hi guys. I’ve not purchased aux lighting in years so I need to be educated. I’m going to be upgrading a couple 110’s and a few disco I’s as well here pretty soon. I want to keep the big incandescent light look but run upgraded LED bulbs. So I guess I’m looking for reliable (waterproof?)...