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  1. J!m

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    I’m thinking this is a design element inspired by the checker plate on some old series and defender trucks, rather than fully functional. If it’s actually solid enough on the hood (unlike the old fender tops) I think grip tape would make more sense. Maybe some teak strips like a fine...
  2. J!m

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    The dash display “avatar” seems plausible. Maybe the best photo yet. Not loving it however. Looks far too pedestrian. Can you envision a military convoy of these, with .50 BMGs? Me either.
  3. J!m

    Kitanica pants review

    I look at stuff like this and realize they are not designed by someone who actually needs them. They get assigned the task to design something and it looks cool, so they run with it... This is why I tend toward companies where the designer is the inventor. They design around a need, rather than...
  4. J!m

    CB radio, cell phone, iPod

    Stream music from the phone; or better yet, run them direct from the phone memory. Send phone output to aux in on in-car radio. Bluetooth the phone to the CB. That should work. Or at least be close to what you want.
  5. J!m

    Suggestions for a 12V portable shower that can be used with a bucket or 5G Scepter can?

    Boat demand pump and water saver shower head with a sliding valve on it. I had a 5-gallon water can (black plastic UK mil version) on my back door all day and the pump was mounted inside the door. After driving all day, open the door, open the can, feed the hose in and plug the pump in...
  6. J!m

    Surface mounting cable tie bases to RTT

    What if you run the cable(s) inside some split loom (or just hose) and glue that over the length? My experience with the T&B sticky pads is they don’t hold up outdoors. Add vibration and abrasions from branches etc. and they don’t last. Sikka should work but having the entire length attached...
  7. J!m

    Do I need to weather seal nutserts? (mounting stuff to Ambulance exterior)

    Check McMaster-Carr for Viton washers. Find the ideal size (or even o-rings) and slide them on the nutsert before pushing it into the (close fitting- get a letter or number drill if you need to) hole. Once you compress it, not much will get in. I am assuming you will use closed bottom...
  8. J!m

    WTB heat exchanger shower system, or even just the heat exchanger

    Google “plate heat exchanger” and you have a scalding hot shower. I explained my plumbing somewhere but it’s fairly simple with a boat demand pump, tank, fittings and a cheap shower control from Home Depot.
  9. J!m

    The 2019 Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge @ Orvis Sandanona, Millbrook, NY July 25-28

    The first one was still the best one.
  10. J!m

    Military color scheme

    We, (Drive the Globe) had a strict policy about vehicles not looking “military”, which can be difficult with kitted out trucks. Further, we strongly discourage black (contractors), white (UN), and dark blue (RAF) and suggest bright colors when you are painting anyway. Stickers help “de-mil”...
  11. J!m

    90's Era Defender or other?

    I agree you need to determine the exact uses of the vehicle. I did the Africa thing in a series. Got the t-shirt. Got gear oil on it and threw it out. Learned from that and got a 110. 300Tdi, disc brakes, R380 front and rear sway bars. Not a good “wheeling” truck but gets into deeper...
  12. J!m

    Epoxy over canvas siding?

    Carbon cloth is not much more than glass cloth. I’d maybe make the frame from pvc pipe and fittings and wrap it in carbon cloth. Add foam between pipes (and spray foam inside if you like) and then glue rigid fiberglass panels inside- the white textured ones used in bathrooms you dare not touch...
  13. J!m

    International vehicle insurance question

    Carnet. Maybe someone like Lloyd’s would underwrite something but please be seated before opening the letter. In 2001 we managed (mostly) without a carnet. But, even then we really should have had them. Do a lot of research and get at least three quotes per “product” if possible to see where...
  14. J!m

    Exposed storage for...

    Aluminum tool box with drain holes? Harbor Feight or Home Depot?
  15. J!m

    fabricated console ideas

    I’d just glue on the vinyl you used for the radio cubby. It’ll blend in perfectly.
  16. J!m

    Multi-pin weatherproof bulkhead connectors for RTT passthrough

    Amphenol. You can get as many pins as you want, all different amperage ratings. Pins are silver plated, so connections are good. You have to solder the back side, but it’s not too bad. You can get mounting gaskets as well as threaded gasketed caps to keep it covered when not in use. The...
  17. J!m

    Improving security... lexan windows? And some other ideas

    This doesn’t help the emergency situation, but something I’ve considered. 3M makes some sort of product that is clear plastic adhesive sheeting. It is applied to the inside of windows to prevent break in. It was demonstrated on a home window- floor to ceiling massive picture window. They...
  18. J!m

    A beemer?

    Powered by BMW. I suspect it’s a German independent builder. Never seen one before, and this one appears to be missing some trim. By the way, when BMW owned Land- Rover they Spec’d the 2.8 in-line six (M50B28) as an engine option. I’ve not seen one in the metal yet but that’s a nice option...