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    2020 Power Wagon JUXI Build and Trip Thread

    We did Titus on Dec 31, and Panamint to Hunter, to teakettle to Ubehebe on Jan 1 Hunter had 4-5” of snow and some ice in the higher elevation and shade spots. went low and slow!
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    WTB So-Cal Krawler 459 or Equivalent

    I have a 2017 5x10 XS. Not interested in selling, just wanted to let you know that when you find one, you will love it! Good luck with your search!
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    Range Rover Supercharged

    Thanks for your feedback! we just returned from DV, and completed Titus, Hunter Mountain to teakettle, to Ubehebe. not enough sunlight for racetrack. did not Air down, and completed with no issues.
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    Range Rover Supercharged

    hi All, we are headed to Death Valley for an off road adventure: Titus, Hunter, RaceTrack. These are all graded roads, but with many miles of rutts! The RR has Cross Contact LX Sport (Continental) tires: 275/40 What tire pressure would you recommend we should air down to when on these trails...
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    Spring Break Road Trip. Houston to Great Smoky Mountains NP 03/06-03/14

    on behalf of the 2-wheel crowd, be sure to stay on your side of the yellow in the dragon. enjoy the journey!
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    Coldest days of the year in Moab Utah and Death Valley.. February 2019

    nice intro. hooked. looking forward to the rest of the story and pics......
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    Beaches of Baja 2019

    one day, i will qualify and join the group! looking forward to reading about your adventure.
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    A Moab Christmas 2018

    great adventure!
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    Ranger Raptor testing in Flagstaff

    Can you post some more pics?
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    Eating crow....2018 Ram Power Wagon build

    advrider - great source for adv riding on 2-wheels
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    VRV Flyer Teardrop and DIY Build Thread

    i too combine my teardrop with an OZ tent. Great combo for my family of 4, with 2-dogs and a family friend or two. nice additions to the camper! Attached images show my mobile command center/compound setup. Including my ARB room and OZ Tent RV-5.
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    The Georgia Traverse - Solo ..... let's try this again

    spent much time riding sport bikes in that area. Beautiful country.
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    5 Day Canyonlands Expedition - [Toquerville Falls, White Rim Trail, Capitol Reef]

    No issues for a full size dodge. Recommend 3-days to fully enjoy the trail.
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    SoCal Tear Drop Owners! Post up!

    Took my teardrop, family of 5, and 2-dogs, to Toroweap last Christmas. There were a few technical sections toward the end of the trail.
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    X2 Patriot trailer (brand new) SOLD

    bummer that it did not work out for you. Someone is going to get an awesome trailer at a sweet deal!
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    Trying to decide between SoCal teardrop and overland Explorer TDK!! Please help

    Take a quick trip up to SoCal teardrop to learn about their trailers and meet the owner/builders. They are well established, local, and supportive. Rent the off road teardrop with rooftop tent at off the grid rentals to see if it works for you.
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    SoCal Tear Drop Owners! Post up!

    How are your socal teardrop experiences?