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    Charging SLA 12v /55Ah Battery from the Alternator

    Exactly as the says title Charging SLA 12v /55Ah Battery from the Alternator. My electrical needs are very small , but I spend a lot of time in the spring and fall out about. Solar is not really a good option in SW British Columbia, during those times. Use is for a couple of Led lights and...
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    Looking at switching to a 2005 LR3 from 97 Pathfinder

    Title says it all, I have read and re-read until I am pretty blue in the face but still on the fence. My major concerns are what are the most likely failures on 7 to 10 days traveling FSR's in BC/Alberta. Given some of the stuff on the internet I might well carry a day pack because it is...
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    Shovel cover - just for the digging end

    This more for protection of my roof than the shovel, does anyone know where I might find one ? I have 2 dings in my roof from mounting it up there, I figure a canvas or similar cover would stop that.